Facts about Mike Fisher

One of my favorite Senators player, Mike Fisher. He’s always been there for teh Sens. Today I will post some facts about him.

-Obviously born in Canada and plays Hockey for the Senators.

-Born 1980, 5 in Peterborough.

-Plays as a center and is the vice captain of the Senators.

-Height = 1m, Weight = 200lbs.

-Mike is right handed

-Career start 1999.

-Fisher got 9 points in his first season with theĀ  Senators.

-When he was a junior he use to play for his hometown’s team.

-Fisher’s scores in his junior days were 49 points, 106 points.

-He also helps kids in his hometown even now, in hockey camps.

-Mike is devout christian.

-Mike has a contract of 21 million $ per year with the Sens.

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  1. Carrie is very blessed with

    I do hope they
    realize that
    marriage is first over careers….

    Mike is a nice

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