Facts about Meteor Showers

Many people would want to witness one of these events. Even though they probably happen around you each but you just don’t know where to look. Here are some facts about Meteor Showers.

-Meteorites are lighter then apples, most of them being only around 0,006 grams.

-Meteorites are really shiny from afar because of their tremendous speed.

-They travel so fast that they could go around the earth once in about 3minutes.

-The light created by meteors are the same process used to light lamps.

-The light of the meteor depend on the metal atom’s quantity, when the meteor enters in touch with air it becomes red. The metal atoms in the air emit a orange-yellow sparkly color, that we often see.

-Sounds of meteors are not often heard, your lucky if you do hear one. The Whistling sound is that of  a tiny meteor, the sonicboom kind of sound resembling that of planes is that of bigger meteors.

-The wake is a period in the meteor’s life that lasts about 10-1 seconds, it lights up the meteor’s head.

-Meteors are debris caused by comets.