Facts about Mammals

Mammals they are everywhere and they are beautiful.  Here are some interesting facts about these wonderful animals.

-Mammals are the class humans belong to.

-Mammals are one of the smallest classes, they have about 4,000 kinds of species. Unlike other species, there are about 21,000 species of fish and 800,000 species insects.

-All Mammals are hot blooded, this is useful when living in  a place with a variety of climates. They always keep their blood warm to remain active. That is why mammals live in all kind of places, polar bears live in the north, some live underground, some in caves and some in bloody hot places like the camel.

-When Mammals are getting hot they sweat and release heat.

-Mammals have hair, which is a dead substance that makes up nails. Unlike giant spider’s hair which isn’t dead, so therefor it is not true hair.

-Mammals have long hair and some have short hair depending on their lifestyle. Even the dolphin has hair and the whale too. Those who live cold areas have more hair.

-All Mammals are born inside of their mothers body. Except the platypus who lays eggs like birds.

-All Mammals drink milk from their mother  and they all have a milk tooth, baby tooth. Except for the anteater because it doesn’t have any teeth.

-Everything a baby mammal learns is from his mother. They try often to copy their mothers to survive.

-All Mammals have a spine of their back, that is why mammals are called vertebrates. Many of the other classes don’t have back spines.