Facts about Lollipops

I love them and you love them. Here are some amusing facts about Lolli’s.

-The world’s largest lollipop was made in June 25, 2002. It was as tall as a Giraffe(15 feet tall) and about the weight of 23 full grown tigers. Oh ya it was Cherry flavored.

– There are many things named after Lollipop, movies, songs, paintings etc..

– The original lollipop machine would produce 40 Lollipops per minute but the modern ones make 5,900 a minute.

– The national lollipop day is July 20th.

-Lollipops were first made in 1908, in Connecticut by George Smith. He had named it after a horse he fancied, Lolly Pop.

-In the Midwest Lollipops are known as Suckers.

– There is a flavor named “A and B only”.

-In 1931, George Smith trademarked the word Lollipop.

-Charles Dickens invented the first modern Lollipop.

-Lollipops are made out of corn sirup and flavors.

– The most popular flavor is Cotten Candy.

-Lollipops were first produced in large scale (for commercial use) in the 1920s.

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