Facts about Lightning

Some small facts about lightning, like does it always strike in the same spot twice, how many lightning strikes happen per day etc…

-Every second, there are 100 to 125 flashes of lightningt one earth.

-Most forest fires are started by a lightning strike, tree’s are the lightnings favorite targets.

-Lightning speeds have an average of 200,000 miles per hour.

-The average flash of a lightning contains, 125 million volts of electricity, enough to power a light bulb of 100watt for three months.

– The chances of getting struck by lightning in your entire lifetime twice are greater then winning the lottery once. The stats are 1/600,000. But every year  500/1,000 are struck by lightning in America.

-The temperature of lightning can reach 50,000f, which is 27 760 Celsius, hotter then the sun’s surface.