Facts about KingFishers

One of the most amazing fishers, the king fishers.

-A family of Kingfishers eat up to a 100 fishes each day.

-An adult male can weight up to as 50grams.

-The kingfisher is the largest bird that can hover and stay still in the air.

-They live in areas where  the water is clean.

-They feed on small fishes.

-They live in rain forests, places near a source of water and fish.

-It makes it’s nest near riverbanks so weasels and other hunting mammals can’t attack it’s little ones.

-The Life span of a kingfisher is 2 years.

-It’s favorite meal is the small fishes but it can eat large aquatic insects.

-The pied kingfisher is the only kingfisher who can hunt on salt and clean water.

-Water Mongoose, Snakes and Falcons have been known to hunt down KingFishers.