Facts About KFC

The old man on the bucket of your fried chicken who is? KFC creator Harland Sanders. He was just an ordinary gas station operator but suddenly he became rich by selling fried chicken? That’s how it really went. Here are a few facts about Harland Sander’s KFC.

-Every year in America, billions of pieces KFC chicken are bought.

-Harland opened his first restaurant in front of the gas station he used to work at.

-The first place was called Sanders Court & Cafe.

-He invented the special recipe in 1940, just after the invention of the pressure cooker.

-In 1952, Harland sold his franchise to Pete Harman, Sanders would get 1 nickel for each chicken sold.

-In 1957 the first chicken bucket was sold, and it was a hit.

-In 1982, the franchise was acquired by Nabisco. But that wouldn’t last long as Pepsi acquired Nabisco. They added them in their YUM! Brand, which includes Taco Bell,  KFC, Pizza Hut, Long John, A&W.

-The KFC franchise is open in 80 countries around the world.

-The first overseas KFC was in England.