Facts about Karate

This isn’t about Karate’s effectiveness in a combative situation or anything. But more about the history and tradition of Karate.

-Many people think Karate was invented in China, but infact it was created in Japan. You can always notice the Japanese in the martial art movies being Karate users(specially Bruce Lee movies).

-Karate means “empty hands”, or “Chinese Hands”.

-In Ancient China, people would train the technique of the “TE”, it soon become the most effective technique in all of China. Gichin Funakoshi, a Japanese man blended TE with some of his Japanese art. And that was the birth of Karate.

-Many Karate gyms are named after the head masters name.

-Many Masters patented their styles, then teaching to their students, creating sub-styles.

-Karate was first trained in the Island of Okinawa in Japan.

-The Original form of Karate was very physical and defensive.

-Karate is all about fast quick moves, that is why you always need a nice costume when training.

-Karate doesn’t only help your body but your mind and concentration also.

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