Facts About Juventus

Italian football has synonymous with one word and that is Juventus. Since their comeback after the calcio scandal, they finished 3rd in their 1st season back, 2nd last year but equal to Ac Milan on points. And currently they are in fourth under Napoli, lot of discussion has happened recently about their inexperienced  coach, Ciro. Forgetting their current state, here is a few facts about Juve.

  • Full Name: Juventus Football Club
  • Founded In 1897
  • Nicknames: Bianconeri (Black and White), La Vecchia Signora (The Old Lady), La Goeba, La Fidanzata d’Italia (The Girlfriend of Italy), Zebre (zebras), Madama, La Signora Omicidi(The Lady Killer).
  • Juventus is the third oldest club in Italy after Genoa, Pro Patria and one of the oldest still active in the world.
  • The club was founded by Irish Students, who were in Turin at the time.
  • Juventus means young in Latin, it was named so because the creators were young students.
  • Their Chairman in the early 1900s, left the club to create FC Torino, Alfred Dick.
  • Once their chairman wanted to turn the clubs name into Jugen Fussverein. The club was about to seriously disappear.
  • Juventus weren’t anything special pre war but after the first war their squad was quite good..Edoardo Agnelli had bought the club in 1923 and had turn the clubs fortune’s around.
  • At first their uniform was pink and black with a tie but in 1905 they changed to the white and black of today.
  • Under Moggi, as director, Juventus signed Zidane, Davids, Thuram, Zlatan. They brought lots of superstars, making the team one of in the 90s and early 21st era.
  • Juventus being the club with most fans in Italy. And the most successful. It’s normal to have rivalries and Juve does have a few rivalries.
  • FC Torino are their direct rivals for being from the same city.¬† Their rivalry was at its peak in the 70s, in 76/77 when Juventus won the Scudetto with 51pts and Torino finishing in second with 50pts. In 2007 when they faced in the First division after a long time, violent clashes happened outside, 30 fans died.
  • The Rivalry with Inter Milan is an old one…Inter’s team was one of the best in the 60s and were winning titles like paper. Until Juventus¬† literally stole one, everyone thought Inter had won the league but they lost their last league game vs Mantova due to a mistake by Sarti their keeper at the time. Also the Calciopoli added injury to insult getting demoted in Serie B, their title was given away to Inter. And also Inter’s Vice President Marco Tronchetti Provera was the owner of Telecom the company that tapped the calls of Juventus Directors paying Referees.
  • Juventus have more Scudetto’s than anyone, 21.
  • Like all big historical clubs at some period they had magical players. Juventus legends include : Sivori was one of the most talented players in their 50s squad. He was famous for his big shaved head, arguing with referees and he won 3 titles in Serie A. Dino Zoff, a great goalkeeper of his time, one of the best actual, he went to Juve at the age of 30 and stayed their for 11 years. Also won the world cup at the age of 40. Michel Platini is another great player who played in Juventus, the manager called him a number 9 player and a half. Describing his playmaking abilities and his striker instincts. Roberto Baggio, he had injury problems when he was young, but managed to become one of Italy’s best strikers in the 90s. Pavel Nedved is another recent legend, having being a pivotal force in the Juves Champions League quest and scudetto reign in the early parts of the 21st century. Alessandro Del Piero, the captain, Juventus’s golden boy, the man he took over Vieri, Baggio in Italy.
  • Most appearances are held by Gaetano Scirea(552) but Del Piero will surpass him in a few games.
  • Most goals are held by Del Piero with 265 in all competitions.

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