Facts about Great White Sharks

I had nightmares when I saw Jaws when I was a kid…But I never hated shark or anything, they always fascinated me and here are some interesting facts about these legendary hunters.

-Most Great White attacks are sample bites, they like to taste their prey before entirely devouring them that’s why most attacks on humans are just a bite or two..

-Great Whites are nearly in every ocean’s coastal area.

-The Great White is also known as the White Death, The White Pointer(because of its pointy head) and also simply known as the white shark.

– Sharks can sense the electricity emitted by a being, they are really sensitive to it, that is why they always seem agitated around others.

-They normally live in waters where the temperature is around 12 degree’s to 24 degree’s. There are many in more hotter places though, Isla Guadeloupe(Mexico), Southern coasts of Australia, California’s Coasts, South Africa’s coasts.

– Great White’s are normally around 12-16 feet long but bigger ones around 19-21 feet have been spotted.

-One Female shark will only lay 2 eggs in her entire life.

-They can be found in shallow waters of only 3 feet, and into deep places as 1000 meters.

– The biggest shark recorded weighted 5000 pounds.

-They can swim at speeds of 15miles/24Km per hour.

-They sometimes jump out of water when attacking preys from underneath.

-An average shark has 300 triangular teethes.

-They are currently endangered species because of over fishing.

-They also have one of the best sense of smell underwater, to detect prey.

-They can sense a drop of blood in 25 gallons of water.

-They can sense blood from as far as 5km away.

-They normal eat , small tooth whales , sea horses, carrion..

-Their size can be compared to the size of ordinary school bus.

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