Facts about Grass

Grass is everywhere, but do know much about it ? Guessed so, here is abit about them.

-There is up to 10,000 different types of grass in the world. Ranging from grass to rice to wheat to corn to sugarcane and bamboo.

-20% of the earth’s vegetation’s main ingredient is grass.

-Some plants(herbs) from a 1000years ago’s are still present. That are as long as three adult person horizontally.

-Grasses influenced cave mans to become farmers rather then hunters, of course not the case for everyone.

-Grasses are extremely tough in nature, they can be found in the center of the north pole and in the middle of the equator.

-The grass producing industry is multi million dollar because the high demand of artificial grass for sport arenas etc.

-There are so many grasses that their is one species for every corner of the earth.

-Grass provides most of the earth living creatures diet, plants, breed etc.

-Most animals grow because of grass, such as butterfly’s, panda’s(bamboo) etc..

-Most parties would be dull without grass, since most alcohol drinks, whiskey, beer, sake all need sometime of grasses.

-Grass has been used to make paper nowadays too, even homes are helped constructed by bamboo, straw etc..