Facts About Google

Here are  few facts about the most visited site in the world, Google. And probably the best and most reliable search engine.

-Google’s name is derived from the number Googol, the number which has 100 zero’s after the first number.

-Google has around billions of  web pages in it’s index and when you search for something it takes less then a second for Google(the engine) to find it.

-Each day, Google receives search requests from all around the world, even from the isolated continent of Antarctica.

-Google has around 2000 employees and more, these guys are called the Googlers and they work at the Googleplex.

-Some of the Googlers had some awesome jobs even before working at the Googleplex. One was a rocket scientist, one was a chief for George Clinton and one of them was a neurosurgeon.

– You can filter your search into different languages,up to 35 languages.

-The Google technology that is PageRank, which gives a rank to each web page. It is named after co-founder of Google, Larry Page.

– The engine receives at least a billion search requests each day.