Facts about Gold

Looks like everyday the price of gold is mounting but in this post it won’t about the prize but some cool facts about gold.

-The Egyptians were the first people to use gold as jewelry.

-The Demand of gold always rises alot in December because of Christmas, many people give it as a gift.

-The Common Gold Bars weight around 20pounds each.

-Many electronics, cellphones, computers, all contain gold in them.

-Gold’s chemical symbol is AU.

-Gold is the only metal that doesn’t rust.

-Instruments in gold are often used by surgeons.

-One ounce of gold is worth more then a five carat diamond.

-Pyrite, known as the fools gold, is just a very common mineral.

-The most popular stone for a wedding ring is gold.

-The first real gold coins used as currency was in Ancient Turkey.

-The World’s largest producer of gold is South Africa.

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