Facts about FPS Games

The biggest genre in modern gaming, the fps genre. It keeps growing each year and it’s big hits sell more then any other games, most of the time. Here are a few facts about the biggest genre in gaming today.

-First Person Shooter, are games that put the player in first person perspective.

-The player experiences everything through the eyes of the main , unlike any other genre.

-Wolfenstein 3D has credited of being the first actual FPS, made by id Software.
-The first FPS, Wolfenstein came out in 1992, on the pc. That is why fps developpers have very deep roots in pc gaming.
-The first FPS, was a shareware thus it was allowed  to be shared with everyone on the net.
-In 07, the best selling game was a fps, Halo 3. In 06, the best seller on the xbox 360 in it’s second year was a fps, Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon.
-In 08, although the best seller was a highly acclaimed GTA IV, in the top 10 best sellers on the xbox, there was 3 FPS games.
-FPS games are the first to have ingame advertising.(SWAT 4)
-The First game to receive an Mature Rating (18+) by the ESRB is the id software FPS Doom.
-Best Selling Game Mod, Counter-Striker, sold 10.7million units.
-In the most highest ranked games, metacritics, GR. There are 3 fps, 2 being by valve and one by bungie.