Facts about Companies

Here are some tidbits about some of the most famous companies around the world, on how come they got started and how they got their name etc.

-AltaVista means high view in Spanish.

-Fanta was made by Max Keith in Germany as a replacement for the American Coca Cola during the world war II. It was given to the Nazi Soldiers.

-LEGO, is taken from the danish words “leg godt” which means play well. Or the Latin word which means “play together” but the Danish company say that is just a coincidence.

-Pepsi is derived from the word, dyspepsia.

-Microsoft, Bill Gates wanted to call it Micro Software but then went with Micr0-Soft, the “-” was later removed.

-Starbucks is named after a character in the novel, Moby-Dick.

-IBM, stands for International Business Machines.

-Pixar, the action verb of making pixels in Spanish..