Facts about Cheetah

The animal that can reach the highest speed, the Cheetah. Some fear it, some envy it. Here are some facts about it.

-Many African tribes call it the Duma.

-Cheetah is one of the slimmer big cats with around only 110-140 pounds.

-Cheetah like to live in open plains(for sprinting/hunting proposes).

-It’s favorite meals are thought to be Antelopes.

-Cheetah’s live for 10-20 years.

-Cheetah’s once ruled all of Africa and even lived in Middle East, Asia. Now they only live in the sub-saharan african area.

-Cheetah’s muscles are made for speed, long, flexible and it’s tail gives it the needed balance.

-Many researchers thought Cheetahs just relied on their burst of speed for kills but new researches have found otherwise. Cheetah’s can stalk preys for a longtime and like to get as close possible before launching themselves.

-They are the fastest running animal on the earth, 70miles per hour.

-Cheetah cubs don’t open their eyes until their 3rd week.

-Cubs become adults after 15months, but only 50% survive.

-Cheetah’s hold their prey on the ground with their paws then deliver a one bite kill to the neck.

-Unlike other cats, Cheetah’s claws never retract.