Facts About Bats

Here are a few facts about my favorite flying mammal, bats.

– They are not blind, they see very well but prefer to go out in night so their vision is less useful. That is why they can use sonic waves to draw a image of something around them.

-Bats haven’t evolved one bit for 50million years.

-Most bats are insectivorous, they always consume up to 100% of their body weight each night only eating insects. Thats about 500 mosquito’s each hour.

– Researches have proven bats are in danger and extinction in Canada and USA.

-Almost 1/4 of the mammals in the world are bats.

-Bats are the only mammal who can sustain flight.

– The smallest bat in the world is small as a bumblebee but the biggest bat has a wingspan of 6feet.

-Bats fly with their arms, which also is a thumb,forearm and fingers.

-Bats use their toes to hang down upside down, and it is very difficult and impressive that they can take flight from that position.

-Like many other mammals, bats spend winter hibernating.

-Contrary to common belief, there never has been a bat stuck in someones hair.