Explorers Who Get Bad Credit

Here are a few folks who never realized what they intended to do but still got lots of credit for things.

1.Christopher Columbus, he thought that he had found a part of Asia. His entire life he thought he had reached one part of Asia but that was the case. As he went west he found a new land that wasn’t known before. He thought Cuba was China, Haiti Japan. He thought if he kept traveling through the lands he would find a way to India. He never did. Credit should be given to his idea which makes sense, going around the globe. But credit should also be given to Vasco Da Gama who was the only sailor of the time to reach India.

2.Ferdinand Magellan, when someone says Marco Polo ventured the entire world, you reply no it was Magellan. But your both wrong, Magellan did go out to go around the world but he never got to finish his mission. In the near end of his voyage he got into a fight in 1521, in a fight against 2 tribes of the Philippines. It proved unwise as he paid for it with his life.

3.Juan Ponce De Leon, he was with Columbus in his second journey. But he left Columbus to settle and rule over Hispaniola, which was the island of Dominican and Haiti. He later also became the governor of Puerto Rico. The natives of the latter told him that there was an fountain of youth in the Island of Bimini, Bahamas. He searched for it, but landed on Florida instead. He named it Pascua Florida which meant flowers Easter in Spanish. In his next visit, he sought to find the fountain but died of a Seminole Arrow.