Essential tips to overcome the problem of underweight

It is bliss, nevertheless, to have a healthy physique and body that perfectly fits with the height and weight. In other words, one can feel proud of himself if his BMI or the Body Mass Index is within the prescribed limits.

In this fast-paced world, where man runs from pillar to post and keeps himself always busy in his pursuit of goals and achievements, proper care or attention needed for this body, without which we cannot live, is not given. Insufficient or untimely meals, lack of exercise to the body and lack of good sound sleep are some of the reasons for irregular BMI, resulting in either obesity or in cases of underweight.

Though, in relative terms, the menace of underweight is much less in comparison to that of over-weight or obesity, it is, nevertheless, a serious issue, which needs your sincere attention and care.

Before knowing more about the remedies for underweight, let us define what we mean by underweight, in the first instance. A minor deviation in the BMI on the lower side might not tantamount to underweight and this temporary deviation might be corrected without any major problems. In medical parlance, a person is said to be Underweight, if his weight is lower by 15% or more than the minimum prescribed lower end of the BMI or any other equivalent scale by which doctors assess the weight of a person.

Underweight, thus defined, should be taken up seriously and effective measures should be taken to correct this imbalance. Any negligence in attending this issue might lead to serious health hazards. People with underweight, or in other words, people who are very thin would lack reserves of energy and, as such, might fall prey to infections. These thin people suffer frequently from cold, because of the lack of insulating fat in the body. It has been found that people, who were admitted to hospital for any disease or ailment, if found to be underweight or having weight less than 80% of the minimum desired weight, are more at risk for further complications. If a person is found to be so weak or underweight that he cannot even get up and walk and thus confined to bed, may, over a period of time, develop soreness or some sort of pressure sores especially in the bony areas of the body – leading to more complications.

Pregnant women or would-be mothers should be very careful and should not suffer from this menace of underweight. If underweight during pregnancy, the woman might fall prey to diseases like heart and lung complications or anemia. The baby in the mother’s womb might also contract complications such as premature birth, low weight at birth and slow growth and development.

One can, however, need not panic or get worried about underweight. A careful analysis and planning of food-intake can help you overcome the problem.

The first thing an underweight person should do is to reduce the intake of alcohol and caffeine. It would be better if he totally avoids these two, but it might be too taxing for restriction all together. He can gradually reduce the intake without totally ignoring it. Because, alcohol and caffeine are two things that are capable of suppressing your appetite for eating and without adequate amount of food, you are unlikely to put on weight and maintain a good physique. Secondly, one should avoid the practice of chronic dieting or reducing the intake of food at the appropriate time in appropriate quantities. This will also lead to underweight over a period.

In addition to following or avoiding the above-mentioned things, one should plan your food intake and the content of food you eat, on a daily basis.

You should increase the content of dietary calories from fat and the content of dietary fat. It has been discovered that increasing the dietary fat content, especially if you underweight, results in more calorie intake, because dietary fat contains more than double the quantity of calories in comparison with carbohydrates and proteins.

You should also increase the portion of food intake that has more calorie content in a gradual basis until such time you get to normal prescribed weight. If you overdo this, you might end up as an overweight or obese. Please ensure that you do not become an obese.

Last, but not the least, augment your food intake with more liquids or liquid supplements.\

By trying out these simple suggestions and reducing the alcohol and caffeine intake, one can definitely overcome the menace of underweight and can get a healthy physique.

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