Enthusiasts and Collectors

I love collecting stuff and I am crazy enthusiast of some random stuff, but funny thing is most people don’t know what you call a collector of flags? or a collector of coins. Today I will share some of the most common ones, if you want to know more then just leave the area of interest in comment and I will get back with answer as soon as possible.

1. Umbrellas               –           Brolliologist

2. Flags                       –           Vexillologist

3. Wine                        –           Oenophile

4. Stamps                    –           Philatelist

5. Phonecards              –           Fusilatelist

6. Postcards                 –           Deltiologist

7. Matchbox labels       –          Phillumenist

8. Share certificates      –          Scripophile

9. Teddy Bears               –         Actophile

10. Crosswords             –          Cruciverbalist

11. Cats                         –         Ailurophile

12. Animals                    –        Zoophile

13. Books                        –       Bibliophile

14. Archery                      –      Toxophilite

15. Coins                         –      Numismatist

16. Cigarette Cards          –      Cartophilist

17. Bell-ringing                –     Campanologist

18. Cars                             –    Automobilist

Looking at it, only automobilist is the word that kind of sounds good to ears and all the others seem weird. My wordpress dictionary shows me error for  most of these terms I guess the in build dictionary of wordpress is not good enough :) time for a change I reckon.