Entanglement: Nature’s Amazing Means of Communication

Popular fiction, non-fiction, and mythologies are full of numerous accounts of this fascinating phenomenon called telepathy – communication through extrasensory means. Scientists have been keenly interested in verifying the possibility of people communicating without any apparent means of communication. For decades, telepathic communication was regarded as a myth. But now, there is some evidence of the possibility of distant communication between people; between people and animals; and possibly between animals and/or other living forms found in nature. In Dr. Robin Kelly’s award-winning book The Human Antenna (Energy Psychology Press, California, 2008), we learn about atoms ‘talking’ to each other.

As Dr. Kelly explains, atoms ‘talk’ to each other by the phenomenon called entanglement. This is best ‘seen’ on the level of electrons. Two electrons, forming a pair, in an atom always have opposite spin with regard to each other; one of them spinning clockwise and the other counter-clockwise. Scientists studying entanglement were amazed to find that this ‘connectedness’ of electrons is independent of the amount of physical distance between them: take one of them thousands of miles apart and its spin will remain the same in relation to its pair member. Dr. Kelly believes that cosmic energy can be transmitted through the special structure of DNA, i.e. from one DNA molecule to another that is far away from it in physical space. This energy may be emotional energy or bits of thought or knowledge etc. Thus, telepathic communication between people can not be ruled out as something unscientific.

Our daily life is not at all lacking in observations of telepathic communication between people and even between pet owners and their dear pets. Many of us know that identical twins can experience each other’s pain even when they are distant by miles. This phenomenon is a form of telesomatic communication i.e. the connectedness of distant bodies. Dr. Kelly tells of an interesting case when Anne, one of his patients in New Zealand, suddenly developed a pain in her neck without any injury or other physical cause. She later received a call from her identical twin sister (who lived in Brisbane, Australia) who told Anne that she had an accident and was safe except for pain in her neck; the very same part where Anne had developed it. The most wonderful thing happened when Dr. Kelly treated Anne with acupuncture and the next minute Anne got her sister’s call, telling that her pain had ‘magically’ disappeared.

It is important to mention that so far there is no solid scientific evidence of people telepathically connecting the way folklore or popular myths describe; rather, telesomatic communication is spontaneous – happening suddenly and without the conscious will of the people involved. More research will reveal whether people can master telepathic skills for using consciously. If so, telecommunication companies may find themselves out of business.

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  1. Yes , there are evidence to possibility of telepathy. But is it same as communication between thing like electrones?

  2. Quite amazing to learn on this highly scientific subject I have great interest in such topics. If a person respond in much better way than expected, there exist a chord of telepathy between two such persons. I am convinced about it and your article has further strengthened my faith.

    keep it up!

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