Effective ways to protect your eyes from strain

One of the most important parts in our body is the eyes, which is the window through which we see this beautiful world. Thanks to the advancement of the technology and our addiction to the computers, the internet and the television, our eyes are the one that are getting strained and this excess strain paves the way for many problems such as pain, headache and blurred vision.

It is but natural that we protect our eyes adequately enough that we a better and clear vision. Consulting a doctor and wearing glasses or contact lenses and availing the best from the ophthalmic innovations might be one of the ways to protect your eyes, albeit in a costly way.

There are some simple but effective ways to protect our eyes, especially from the stress.

One simple thing that you can do always is to provide rest to the eyes, blink them, and close them. Sounds simple is it not. How to give rest to the eyes? Simple. Whenever you are working on a task, either on a computer or otherwise, which requires close concentration, take a break every 20 minutes or so. Look at a faraway object – something like a picture on the opposite wall or a view to the outside through the window – for not more than 30 seconds to a minute at the maximum, and get back to the work you are involved. A slight shift of focus from the work or the concentration on the work is all that the rest you need to provide for your eyes.

Gluing our eyes to an interesting episode or a match in front of the television is one thing we normally do, unaware how much stress we give to our eyes. What you can do is to try blinking your eyes quite often as possible, may be after a few seconds or so. This frequent blinking of the eyes can help you a lot. It moistens your eyeballs and also relaxes the eye muscles.

If you are involved in a long task that requires you to stare at an object for a prolonged time, please ensure that you close your eyes periodically. Even shutting your eyelids for a fraction of a minute or just few seconds would be sufficient to provide relief to the eyes.

You can also relax your muscles by carrying out some simple exercises. Rub your hands briskly for a few minutes such that the palms become warm. Close your eyes and place the heels of the palm or the wrist over the closed eyes for a few seconds for providing relief to the eyes.

You can also soak a hand towel in cool water, wring it out, and lay it on your eyes for a few minutes to relieve the strain to the eyes. Take a couple of sliced cucumber pieces. Lie on your back and place the cucumber slice on each of your two closed eyes for some time for cooling your eyes.

These are some things you can do to relax your eyes frequently and relieve the eyestrain.

You can also do some other simple things like choosing a bigger font size in your computer monitor or else enlarge the image size to 150%, if you are focused on reading from the screen. Adjusting the contrast on your computer monitor, adjusting the height of the chair such that you are looking slightly downward at the screen, minimizing the glare on the screen and cleaning the dust on the monitor or some other things you can do to ensure that your eyes are not strained.