Effective means to overcome fatigue

In the fast-paced world where people invariably run from pillar to post to achieve something, fatigue is one of the common symptoms that one normally has to counter with invariably. Fatigue can be caused due to a number of reasons. Most important or common reasons for fatigue are lack of sleep, obesity, inadequate nutrition, flu, and alcohol abuse.

The consequences of fatigue are lack of motivation and a sense of dejection of depression, which can ruin the whole day or upset your mindset. There are some simple things one can do, without recourse to the doctor for consultation or treatment, provided fatigue is not accompanied with abdominal pain, severe headache of shortness of breath. If fatigue is followed by any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is advisable to approach a doctor immediately.

To get an instant relief from the sense of fatigue, you can try out any of the following easy quick-fix solutions.

  • It is advisable that you put a couple of drops of peppermint oil either in your handkerchief or on a tissue paper, hold that handkerchief or tissue paper near your nose and take a couple of deep breaths. You could feel a sense of relief from the fatigue sense and start functioning normally.
  • Inadequate blood flow or lack of blood flow to the brain might also be one of the reasons for fatigue. It is advisable that you lie on your back and use the pillows to keep your feet at a level higher than your head, so that blood flows to the brain.

It has been found that lack of potassium or some sort of deficiency in the intake of potassium is one of the major reasons for chronic fatigue. You can try out this simple method at home to have potassium. All you have to do is to cut a washed and unpeeled potato into slices and leave the pieces to soak in water overnight. In the morning, you can drink the juice removing the potato slices. This juice has rich content of potassium and can help you in eliminating fatigue.

You need to change your eating habits slightly so that you do not fall prey to the sense of fatigue. It is advisable to include more of complex carbohydrates present in high-fiber foods. At the same time, you should cut down the consumption of fatty foods. Ensure that the total saturated fat content in your intake of foods is reduced to a maximum of 10% of the total food, so that the functioning of the adrenal gland in the body can be improved. Effective functioning of the adrenal glands is essential for the metabolism in the muscles.

A minimum of eight glasses of water should be taken on average every day. Even if you do not feel thirst enough to drink water, it is advisable that you sip water quite frequently, as lack of water or some sort of dehydration might lead to fatigue of tiredness.

Instead of taking a large meals twice or thrice in a day, it is advisable that you cut down your size of a meal and take meals or snacks at frequent intervals of three hours or less. Also, ensure that you reduce the size of meals every time so that your stomach is never full and at the same time never empty. These simple measures might help you stay away from Fatigue.

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  1. This is great advice for combating the fatigue so many of my friends and relatives have! It is important to recognize the role of additives in our food when it comes to health, also. A good source to learn about msg, aspartame and other additives is the movie Sweet Remedy – google it!

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