Ebooks vs Physical Books

Although physical books are a great addition for any living room, there is an greater alternative available these days. Ebooks are a new method for literature distribution. They are especially useful for young new writers who can’t get a book on the shelves. Here are a few cons and pros of ebooks and physical books.

The Differences between Ebook and Physical Books

A real physical book is always a nice addition to anyone’s living room or library. A good library can inform people of your personality and intelligence just by looking at it. Also reading a physical book has a feeling that can’t be achieved with ebooks or even kindle. It’s hard to say what that feeling might be for different people and different books. Sometimes it’s the paper or the bulk of the book. Safe to say a great looking book is great to have as display. As good as a book might look on your shelves, not everyone has the space for the amount of books they have. That’s one of the benefits of the ebook as they don’t require any physical space other than the device they are on(kindle/ipad/pc). Ebooks are also a lot more cheaper than physical books as there is no cost of production and the cost of distribution is less. One of the hardest thing with literature is finding an obscure book or a lesser known one. Sometimes these old books don’t sell a lot so the cost of production is not worth it for a physical copy but fortunately they still get published on the ebook services. The problem with ebook services is that not all of them offer every book so you might need to make an account for more than one service. Though that isn’t the worst problem you could have. Ebooks can’t be stolen unlike a physical book but your account can. So that is definitely a problem but very few people would try to hack an ebook service account. Losing a kindle might be a bigger loss. Some people believe that reading off a screen is worse for eye sight though this has been already disproved as both have the same effects.

So as you can see both have their pro’s and con’s it’s up to you which one you prefer.