Dying To Watch T.V!

Many researches have been done, about the TV and it’s effect on our lives. Weather it’s the mental effects such as stupidity or the physical side of things.

In my post, I will tell you about some of the most negative effects the modern TV can have on your life.

First of all, TV can you give High cholesterol.
Evidence was found by the University of California,Irvine, scientists found out that kids that watch TV for 2 hours or more have higher cholesterol levels then the kids who watch it for less then 2 hours per day.
How come their cholesterol levels grow while watching TV ? There are three things that happen to kids when doing nothing and watching TV.
Metabolic rates drop when you do nothing, they could do exercises instead and often times they eat snacks that aren’t very healthy..
Even advertisers know the best time to promote their snacks are while kid’s cartoon shows are on.

Violence, yes you get more violent, even though I hate to blame other things for bad parents. The tv doesn’t do a good job of sensibilizing people. A study led by Prof.Ronald Huesmann,University of Michigan,  that was done in Europe,US and Isareal, proved that.
Kids who watched TV violence would get into more fights in school and generally would be more involved in troublesome situations. The violence done kids would be reduced had those shows should the result of violence, such as pain, suffering and consequences.
And parents should teach their kids that such things shown TV are unrealistic.