Dumb Crooks Part 3

More hilarious crime situations…

Run Forest, Run

“Christopher Kennedy, 36, and Johnny Poston, 26, were commanding lots pizza. You might think they would order it for someone else, but no. They used their own house address, phone number and real names. The pizza delivery man, couldn’t find the house so he asked them to come out. They decided to meet up with the delivery man. Christopher and Johnny pointed a gun at the delivery man as he was carrying a pizza towards them. The delivery guy threw the pizza at them and ran in his car. He was fast enough to make it away and inform the cops. The pair were charged with armed robbery.”

Not a timeĀ  steal

“In Ypsilanti,MI, a man walked in a Burger King and attempted an hold up. But the clerk couldn’t open the cash register unless someone ordered something. So the man ordered some onion rings, but they weren’t available for breakfast. So the robber left in frustration.”

It wasn’t me

“A robbery suspect was apparently hiding in the LA police squad. When the detectives said to each man to repeat the words, ‘GiveĀ  me all your money or I’ll shoot, suddenly one of the officers shouted, ‘ that’s not what I said.”