Dumb Crooks Part 2

This part 2 of some dumb fellows who committed crimes…

“Picture Thief”

Some lad stole Matthew Holden’s car…Already it isn’t a very smart thing to do. Steal a famous scientist’s car. But the stupidity then went a notch further. The thief had a camera, he asked his girlfriend to take pictures of him with the car in front of their home..As you guessed it, police later found the car then the pictures then the crook.

“Rolling With My Pants Down”

Knife holding crook, James Boulder was robbing a small store in New Jersey. But to his regret, his pants fell down and he stumbled and got knocked out by a sold object. The police arrested him outcold infront of the store with his pants down.

“Dumb and unlucky”

Cardiff,Wales.. Mark Cason, 29 years old..He decided he would rob a local post office. Before the crime he bought mask and gloves. But somehow he forgot to actually put them on when going robbing. To his delight, he got 15,000 pounds of money. But his arms were so full that he couldn’t open the door. He asked some kids to do it for him and they did. They also noted his car license number. He was caught in traffic, so he decided to get a ride from the local train. He got out of the train and registered in a cheap hotel. He said to the clerk, if the police ask for me, don’t tell them anything. A few minutes later police arrived and questioned him. They asked him his profession, he replied “armed robber”.