Driving Gloves

It seems that fingerless gloves are making a comeback in fashion. However, driving gloves not so much. Driving gloves have four characteristics: leather construction, holes at the knuckles, snap wrist closures and fast drivers of over 150km/H! Driving gloves were actually intended to keep the drivers hands warm and for slippery steering wheels and sweaty palms. Some of these gloves can be very expensive! The rich spend hours on what color to choose and will match their vehicles and clothes! Now in current times there are even gloves that have a wide range of fabrics and some even have healing elements. These are made for people with arthritis. This is where the glove compartment originated. It was a place for men to keep their driving gloves.

Some good driving gloves will be a lifesaver in the colder months. They will not only keep your hands warm but you could clear any ice and snow. You can drive with them until your steering wheel warms up which can take 10-20 mins and in extremely cold weather they will keep you from getting frostbite by touching the freezing cold door handles or ignition switch. Drivers also prefer them because some driving wheels are made of plastic which can be slippery. In the olden days of Edwardian England shops catered to female drivers with all the accessories they may need including special driving gloves. If you prefer something a little different there are driving gloves on the market that are also like work gloves. So they give you a little contrast.

The fact is that driving gloves are not just for men! Women should have more strength, good grip, and breath-ability while driving. Unfortunately, in most accidents the first thing to hit the ground is your hand! So driving gloves can give you that added protection. There are some gloves that are reinforced with carbon and titanium. Typically the gloves are made from leather of sheep, goats, lambs and vow split leather. Driving gloves are mostly made of leather or Kevlar. They have light curves on the fingers and seams on the outer sides to help maintain grip. You can get heated driving gloves with an impulse processor and power pack.

They are waterproof, breathable and have a lining to keep your hands dry. Smooth gloves have a lining of thins late. They will keep your hands very warm in winter. These types of gloves can even provide your hands with relaxation while driving. Damascus dash-pro gloves have half finger style and adjustable strap and made with cabaret leather.

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