Dozen and one Brain Hacks that will super tune your brain in a week

The weight of adult human brain range from 1300 to 1400 gm and for newborn human it is around 350 to 400 gm. If we compare the weight or the size of the brain to evaluate intelligence we may reach at funny facts like humans are 2000 times intelligent than rats! On an average there are 100 billion neurons producing nearly 100 watts of energy. But it has been scientifically proven that absolute brain weight or the ratio between brain weight and size of the body cannot be considered as the chief criteria for calculating intelligence. If you buy a pricy car but never drive it are you getting any benefit of it? It has also been proved that teasing the brain makes it function better! Let’s discuss some of the commonest brain hack tips that can supertune your brain within a week. Don’t worry! We are not going to discuss something that is too technical to tire your brain.

OK! Let’s start with an Indian story. Bopdeva was a dull man residing in a small village. Everybody laughed at him and one day he decided to end his life. He sat beside a pond where womenfolk came to collect water in their earthen pot. He suddenly noticed a roundish dent in the block of stone. What was it? Women keep their pots in this spot and after years of use the stone has worn out. Wow! That brought a spark in his mind. If a piece of stone can get dents is my brain dull than that? Why should I leave it without giving it a try! He started studying and after some years of effort came out as a well-known scholar. What we learn from the story? No one is born with zero intelligence. Sincere efforts always pay you the dividend!

1. Exercise: Yes it is good for your physique and, believe me, it is good for the brain muscles too. Cardio exercises are said to be great for enhancing the brain functions. The brain works best when you nourish it with sufficient blood flows. The next best thing will be to practice Yoga and Pranayama. In Pranayama we practice the art of circulating oxygen and with a deep breath OM (sound like Ohmm) you can immediately sense the resonance it is creating in your brain. Practice it regularly and you will start observing the difference within a week.

2. Learn to breath: Most of the time we inhale or exhale incompletely using our nasal tracts. But if you breathe well using your lungs you will start feeling refreshed almost instantly. This needs careful practice. The more you intake oxygen the more it reaches your brain to liven it.

3. Play Chess/Sudoku/crossword/quiz: When you have some free time or when you are depressed don’t leave your brain idle. Play chess or Sudoku. It helps you in two ways. It diverts your mind from negative thought that comes when you brain is free and it tickles your brain to work overtime. You will start finding the difference within three days.

4. Drink water: When you feel thirsty take two glasses of water instead of a glass of aerated or caffeine-based drinks. The brain is sending you the signal that its muscles need some nourishment. Water is undoubtedly the best stimuli. Enjoy drinking your glass of water the way you enjoy your favorite drink to get the best result instead of gulping it down as a pill.

5. Eat healthy: Again, this is good for your health and your brain too. You should have a balanced fiber rich diet that will have protein plus all the vitamins and necessary micronutrients. In fact, it is better to consume them from direct source than popping a pill. Add some fish oils in your daily diet. When you eat concentrate on eating rather than watching TV. In plain words, enjoy whatever you are doing. This is the best way to keep your brain cells happy and untiring.

6. Indulge yourself in interactive games: Instead of watching passive programs on TV watch quiz, intense discussion on varied topics, or a debate where you will find something to stimulate the neurons. For example, when you are watching a Quiz try answering the questions asked. In most of the cases you know them. Isn’t it?

7. Sing or play instruments: If you are gifted with a nice voice sing, for yourself. Sing whatever you enjoy, your favorite song, a hymn, or an ad jingle. Sing loudly so that you can hear it. Soon you will start enjoying a sense of happiness that proves that your brain is attuned with your system now. If you cannot sing start learning an instrument. Ok, too pressed for time! Listen to music. Don’t be ashamed if you become emotional. It again proves your brain is positively influencing your heart. Make sure the volume of the player is sufficiently high so that the sound reaches your brain without disturbing others! Throughout the world you will find many religious custom of chanting hymns or mantras. For example, in Hindus you will find many people reciting Mahamritunjay Mantra (a chant to win sorrow) before starting their days. It is said that the words create positive vibes on the brain cells. You can recite or sing your favorite song instead to start your day!

8. Learn something new each day: It can be a new recipe, a video game, a new feature in the latest software….anything. It will challenge your brain cells most and keep it working overtime.

9. Do mental mathematics: Avoid using calculator for multiplying 30 x 7. Use simple calculations mentally and soon it will become a habit. Memorize things and depending on your learning type use audio or visuals techniques to keep your brain cells working.

10. Have sex: It may sound cliché but it is said to be the best method to release the hormone that can make your brain work like a perfectly oiled machine. The process releases hosts of hormones like Oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, etc. that are the most trusted factors for enhancing cognitive capabilities, decision making abilities, and quick thinking.

11. Sleep, sleep, sleep: All work and no sleep can really make your brain fatigued and less functioning. Sleep during the day for a short while is said to be the factor for keeping your brain fresh and active for long. Unwind for 15 to 20 minutes after working for 2 to 3 hours. Even if you don’t want to sleep lie down for a while on a floor and keep your legs up on a sofa or a bed. You will start feeling refreshed within few minutes. This is because this posture lets you send more oxygen in your brain cells.

12. Keep away stress: You cannot always stay away from stress. But of course you can minimize it. Stress causes the brain cells to tire soon and stop functioning. Because of this when you are worried you start taking wrong decision. Take some time out for planning. Work again and again mentally to find out the cause of your stress. Once you can identify the cause do everything possible to find a remedy. Your brain cells will drive to the solution.

13. Think and think out of the box: The process of thinking is not easy. Most of the time we try to avoid exercises that would require thinking. But, this is the easiest and proven method to fine tune your brain. When you think out of the box you are prepared for unforeseen situations and this will make you confident. When you are confident you are out of stress and your brain is alert and vigilant. Start thinking now!

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  1. Actually I found the other one. There are (2) items that are each numbered #3. One just isn’t in bold so it’s not obvious (3. Play Chess/Sudoku/crossword/quiz).

    I guess that indicates my brain must be mildly optimized.

  2. Metukka: there are two #3’s.

    Anyone have any links that talk more about #2 – Learn to Breathe? What does this mean and how should it be done? Of course we use our lungs when we breathe it’s impossible not to.

  3. I agree to the last point…we love limiting ourselves in safe, known territories because if we start thinking it would compel us to take action and it is not easy…

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