Do You Believe that the New and Full Moon Affect Freshwater Fishing?

Many fishermen will say that the moon phase has some kind of effect on freshwater fish but not scientifically proven.  Only a few fishermen will be able to give concrete proof of any major effect that the moon has on abundance of fish.

The gravity pulls in the same direction during the new moon that has both the sun and moon.  Ocean tides are higher during new and full moon period.

During new and full moon periods, Folks have observed that the biggest fish catch is done during the full moon. They attested that they have gathered a lot of fish during full moon.

Therefore, if the moon really affects catching of fish during moon phases, why does the moon has no the same effect on our freshwater fish?  Results of surveys revealed that a lot of fishermen, including some local guides and tournament pros, swear the moon does not affect the quantity of fish you catch.

So, did you catch that volume of fish because of the new or full moon, or you just put the bait in the right place at the right time?  All fishermen will agree that the best time to fish is at sunrise and sunset.  Of course the light of the moon helps in fishing because at least it’s not dark on the sea when you go fishing.
To verify this, next time that you are at the lake during new and full moons, maybe you can try some larger bait.  You can throw bigger bait on the same pattern that works for smaller fish.

A combination of the best fishing rod, skill, the kind of bait used with a new or full moon can turn a day of fishing into an incredible day of fishing. The effect of a new or full moon on freshwater fishing is when the other important factors are not prime that can make the peak times very important to watch out for.

The moon may be that key element that will get them moving if you are in the middle of weather patterns and fishing conditions aren’t the best.  You have to be more aggressive for the short period of time during the day.  You have to know when those times are, otherwise, it’s impossible to take advantage of them.

On the next new and full moons, try some fishing just for fun.  One thing sure, the worst thing can happen that you were not able to catch a single fish.

One thought on “Do You Believe that the New and Full Moon Affect Freshwater Fishing?”

  1. To the individual who wrote the BOGUS, B.S., titled “Do You Believe That the New & Full Moons Affect Freshwater Fishing”?, but didn’t put his/her name with their comment/opinion. Where do I start!!! “Scientifically Proven”. Doug Hannon is the foremost authority on this “Scientifically Proven” Fact! He proved this almost 40+ years ago, and taught a course based on this at the University of Indiana, that is also now taught at dozens of colleges accross the U.S. TODAY! By the way, a “Scientifically Proven” theory isn’t based on “Results from Surveys”. They are based on Scientific Studies. “Real” experienced fishermen & Professional fishermen alike i.e.(Bill Dance,Jimmy Houston,& Al Linder),will all tell you, the Moons are where a successful formula for fishing begins. Combined with,#1 understanding the fish your after(baits,feeding habits),#2 basic techniques(bait or lure fishing for area),#3 presentation of technique(i.e. line & weight, hook size, bait & lures that are working, and using all of these together, exactly as other successful setups & rigs did),#4 equipment(No cheap stuff,$5.00 rod & reel combos, using safety pins as fishing hook. Top name manufacturers basic products to their top of the line products, will work equally well.
    As far as “Gravity Pulls & Ocean Tides”, they have nothing to do with the sun or moon, & catching fish. You are misinformed or were’nt listening carefully, & got it wrong. Very common! Fish as well as wild game, are more active & aggressive, in their feeding habits, during these two times of the month. I’ve proven it to myself, and all my friends & critics, 100%. Ask any pro, who earns a living fishing only, and they’ll tell you, that’s how you learn. Cause moons DO NOT make you catch more fish,(you were’nt listening, again), they increase the chances of you catching more fish,when they are more active & aggressive,
    feeding. As opposed to an unactive & unaggressive fish, who could care less about feeding, and is almost impossible to temp into striking any bait, unless tempted by a really good fisherman & a Great lure. So I’d bet my life, that your “Survey”, of make believe fisherman, local guides, and tournament pros, is just that. MAKE BELIEVE. B_LL SH_T!! You are a fisherman hater, who wishes he could be a fisherman. And goes around lying about proof, facts, & knowing people who fish. Cause if you really did, they’d teach you how to fish out of pitty. All the effort you put into this B.S., you coulda put into learning to be a fisherman,for real. It’s still not too late. Even for you. God forgives, maybe I could too.
    Mr.R.Cerra, “Advanced Freshwater Fisherman” of 17+ Yrs.
    “Pay it forward”, & share the knowledge with another.

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