Do you Believe that Number 13 is a Bad Luck?

Why is number 13 believed to provide misfortunes and uncertainties?  What makes it a bad number and how did it originate?  How do people take it, a reality or a myth?

These are questions that have long been in the minds of people related to number 13 which, up to now, have not been established with unquestionable credibility.  History traces this fear of the unknown for number 13 to the Last Supper where one of the apostles would die shortly according to Jesus.  After the supper, Judas hanged himself for betraying Jesus.

In Mythology, a similar story has been known that while the Norse gods were sitting together for a banquet of 12, one of the evils named Loki secretly entered the party and did his tricks to cause the death of one of the gods, Balder.

Soon, Friday the 13th became attached to the misfortunes brought by this number when King Philip IV of France ordered the torture and death of the leader of the knights and his senior knights when they failed to admit their betrayal on a Friday, October 13, 1307.  After their execution, public sympathizers attributed the bad day to Friday the 13th.

In the 18th century, the British ship HMS Friday was unveiled on a Friday the 13th with the ship captain named Jim Friday.  At the first sailing of the ship, it has never been seen again.  Many people wondered what could have happened to the ship, and they remembered Friday the 13th.  They blamed this misfortune to that bad number.

Is this phenomenon justified to cause panic to the world?  It has been recorded that Friday the 13 has been costing a huge loss in money annually due to absences of employees and cancellation of important appointments.

Again, it took its toll on Apollo 13 mission in 1970 when it was launched at 1313 hours.  Then on April 13th, the major setback on Apollo 13 occurred when it splashed down which created panic and speculations on the magical spell of the number 13.

Skyscrapers and big hotels do not have 13th floor and huge airplanes skip the number 13 in their seats.  In lottery tickets, there is no number 13 in Italy.  In France, a dinner for 13 persons is extremely avoided.  Big hospitals do not have operating room number 13 which brings added tension to a patient that is why it is banned.

For left-handed people, however, number 13 is believed to be their lucky number.

This fear of number 13 may have caused a self-fulfilling prediction due to the power of mental perception where people simultaneously think of a bad prophecy that eventually happens.  But what about in history when people have not known the mystical power of number 13?

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  1. i think the number 13 is a bad number.but the worst is when it falls on friday the 13th because people get killed and have bad luck and other kinds of stuff.

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