Do you Believe that Feng Shui is a Science, not a Myth or Superstition?

Feng Shui is about location, direction and time; knowing how the metaphysical forces of nature called “Qi or Chi” in the environment affect human beings.

It is considered by the Chinese as a scientific belief; the knowledge of the law of nature; the study and understanding of the environmental influences to people.  It is a scientific way of knowing how to harness the positive energy called Chi in the environment to aid people in enhancing the important elements of life towards growth and prosperity.

Feng Shui is a common practical application on how to live in harmony with the environment to reap the best possible benefits from doing it.  It is a kind of formula related to metaphysics, which cleverly works with the law of Nature.  This formula is used to enhance one’s good luck during timely periods to have a better chance of gaining success, and preventing losses and misfortunes during untimely periods.

If you are destined to meet a calamity in your life, with the help of Feng Shui, you can thwart or minimize these misfortunes.  Instead of having a serious mishap, you can get away with it or just have a minor one.

But Feng Shui is not about placing of objects and ornaments to what people referred to as “Lucky Charms”.  It is not merely an art of interior decoration in the home that by simply placing an object inside and outside of the home, you can avoid things to happen.  In the law of nature, a stone is just a stone or it is just a metal whether it is gold or silver.  The only thing that differs in them is their value which is more on the law of man than the law of nature.

Many people around the world believe that Feng Shui brings wealth and prosperity. This is a wrong perception; it is rather about opportunities; maximizing the benefits provided by the law of nature but first understanding its use and how to care for life and the environment.  It is not as what you see on TV and movies, possessing great mystical powers to twist one’s fate, gaining power and becoming rich over night.

Part of Feng Shui knowledge has something to do with the correct placement of furniture and equipment in the home.  The 4 major directions of the earth which include the North, South, East and West have strong influence on human beings as they represent the 4 major elements of life.  North symbolizes water, South symbolizes fire, the East for wood, and West for metal.

Believers never place a cooking stove in the North because they claim that the fire that is produced from the stove opposes the element of the North which is water, thus, they clash against each other resulting in a calamity for the occupants.

This is just an example of Feng Shui belief furnished by what they call Feng Shui Masters, and there are a lot more to know.  It now depends on how you take them, whether to believe them or not.

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  1. “Believers never place a cooking stove in the North ” That is rubbish.We deside north relative to the place we are standing.Suppose you are standing on a point x and there is a point y north of you.You move to north passing y. Then what would happen? Point y is now in south relative to you.

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