Do You Believe in the Mystical Power of the Pyramid?

In the ancient times, many people throughout the world believe in the power of the pyramid.  Even today, there are believers of the mystical power of the pyramid, but nothing is documented about it.

All stories that claim about the pyramid power may just be copied from the write-ups in the internet or in magazines to make money out of pyramid structure sales.

Some people claim that the pyramid structure can collect universal energy, sharpen the blade, purify and ionize the water, preserve and change the taste of food, energize the body, plants, heal various sicknesses, among others.  However, there is no absolute evidence or scientific explanation at all.

A group of researchers experimented in different countries and in different environmental conditions and weather.  They tried blade sharpening, tested for food rotting and change of taste, mummification of dead animal corpse. But no significant differences between the objects inside and outside the pyramid have been found as a result.

Similarly, no outstanding result was found with regard to the spoilage of foods and food taste, weather condition, place, and the kind of food.

Kirlian photography, a photographic process that records the radiation emitted by an object in a high-frequency electric field was also used to obtain an aura that is not visible by an ordinary camera, but no convincing result was achieved.

So, what are pyramids made for?   According to Christian belief, pyramid is the place where God stands; it is the sacred place of God.  You can find hundreds of pyramids around the world, and it is believed that in order to be closer to God, more pyramids must be built.

Based on some studies made by different sectors, there are about 450–650 known pyramids around the world.   Most of them are located in Australia, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia, China, Tibet, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Java Indonesia, Peru, Samoa, Spain, Canary Islands, Sudan, Tahiti, and Turkey.

It is believed that inside the pyramid, all spiritual problems you suffer in life will be eliminated and blessed with the Heavenly Fire inside.

So, what instant benefit do you get when you are inside a pyramid structure?  The answer is nothing; these are all gimmicks to establish something that is credible, then, gain money later out of manufactured pyramid sales.

The pyramid structure produces “Heavenly Fire” when it is correctly pointed to the North, cast out all evil spirits and eliminates spiritual problems.  With proper concentration and meditation, medication can be obtained perfectly without any doubt.

If you believe in the pyramid and want to try its power, there is an existing pyramid structure called pyro-energen.   It is an electronics machine that produces the Heavenly Fire, which will bless you and cast out all evil spirits and incurable diseases out of your body, without any side effects.  But first, you must be a true believer of the pyramid power.