Do We Live in Our Ears?

Scientific research never ceases to amuse you, and neither does history. The wonders of these fields of knowledge came to the spotlight, most incredibly, in health sciences. Dr. Robin Kelly, an alternative health expert, recently published his groundbreaking book The Human Antenna in which he tells about treating acute neck and back pain of his patients by placing tiny needles in specific tender points on their ears. This remarkable fact becomes truly fascinating when we are told that ancient Chinese healers also used to treat diseases by this method – known popularly as acupuncture. One is naturally curious to know how inserting needles in the ear can treat the pain felt in the rest of the body. The explanation is even more mind-blowing.

Let us take the case of a hologram, i.e. a three-dimensional image of an object created by means of laser technology. Suppose you want to create such an image of an apple. In simple words then, a laser beam is first split into two, with one half rebounding off the apple and the other half deflected by a mirror. The two beams then meet up again and interfere – blended like ripples on a pond. This is then recorded onto a special, flat photographic plate. When another laser beam is incident on this plate, a 3-dimensional image of the apple appears on the other side. A weightless apple floating before your eyes!

Even more startling was the phenomenon discovered by a Hungarian inventor Dennis Gabor (the discovery won him a Nobel Prize in 1971) who found that if a tiny corner was cut from the plate and subject to another laser beam, the image of the whole apple appeared again as a hologram. And if another small corner was cut from this sample, the same thing happened, and so on. It appears that a part of the apple’s image consisted of the whole. In the words of the famous Romantic poet William Blake, it is seeing ‘the world in a grain of sand’. The phenomenon of holographic creation with laser illustrates the case of the efficacy of ear acupuncture.

The whole of our body’s information is somehow contained in our ears so that when specific points in an ear are treated, the problematic information is removed and corrected information is sent throughout the body – we start feeling good. The actual explanation for the effectiveness of this treatment, as recorded in The Human Antenna, is that a complete channel of cosmic energy runs through our entire body. A blockage at a single point creates stress, pain, and other symptoms of a health problem. Acupuncture needles (made of good conducting metal) release the blocked energy and restore the balanced flow of energy along specific pathways in the body, thus solving the problem. So now, we have a plausible explanation for ‘living’ in our ears. Or isn’t it so?

It is now widely known that our DNA contains the database of our prospective development. We are, therefore, in a fundamental way, reducible to a tiny molecule, without losing our individuality and uniqueness. Dr. Kelly’s research tells us how we can, and do, get connected to one another and to the whole of the universe without even knowing it. At the frontiers of science and knowledge, this is the beginning of a new scientific spirituality.

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  1. “We are, therefore, in a fundamental way, reducible to a tiny molecule, without losing our individuality and uniqueness” This is true biologically. But what happens to our mind. It dwells on brain and pattern of brain cells. If I am reduced to a tiny molecule it does not contain my thinking.So that is not me .

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