Do Identical Twins Have the Same Fingerprints and DNA

This is an interesting question. So what do you think? Well the answer is “No”. Just because you look the same does not mean your fingerprints will be the same. Everyone has his or her own fingerprint. However, because twins are from the same egg just split in two they will have the same makeup or DNA. This is actually referred to as a monozygotic- rising from one egg. Fingerprints are thought to be shaped from environmental factors. These things are nutrition, blood pressure, womb positioning and the growth rate of the fingers. Certain ridges and patterns could be the same but there are also differences. Everyone on this planet is different even if they look the same. They are still an individual.

In the case of fingerprints, the genes determine the patterns used for classification. As the skin on the fingertip evolves, it expresses these characteristics. It is also in contact with the amniotic fluid in the uterus. It is also in contact with other parts and responds to the movements of the mother. The microenvironment of the cells on the fingers is constantly in movement. This movement determines the patterns on the fingers to be ever so slightly different. This is the same concept that makes each winter snowflake unique and special. I am sure your parents probably told you that one winter. Also as twin’s age, their DNA changes and they move farther apart and more individual in chemistry.

I came across a question while I was researching this piece, which is very interesting. Why do we have fingerprints? A fingerprint expert name James Cowger thinks he knows. His answer is fingerprints help us grasp things. He calls them “friction ridges”. He thinks we would all be lost without them and would be constantly dropping items. If that is the case, I must not have any fingerprints. I am constantly dropping items especially glasses and kitchen utensils which my husband does not understand? It is a mystery.  Speaking of mysteries, DNA and fingerprinting are used to solve many crimes.  DNA is taken from body fluids or fragments. DNA stays the same throughout life so they are a good way to find criminals.

So now, when you see twins you will know that although they may look the same their fingerprints are different. They are actually individuals with the same DNA.

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  1. DNA stays the same throughout life so they are a good way to find criminals.

    Also as twin’s age, their DNA changes and they move farther apart and more individual in chemistry.

    Make up your mind :D

  2. Posting says fingerprints depends on genes and environmental factors. So fingerprints are different in identical twins. But what would happen if environmental facts are same?

  3. “Fingerprints are unique.” It is a fact. You are trying to explain the situation in identical twins using genetics. But I think given encvironmental factors are not sufficient

  4. thank you for information regarding identical twins. you explained my question in a very informative and interesting way.

  5. It is a fun to read your article about the identical twin.

    The reading provokes me the questions and hope that you may have the answers: Identical or homozygous twins do have the identical DNA/genes/genome at the moment of their separation. After that moment, the identical twins have some differences in their DNA/genes/genome after about 50 cellular division to mature as a baby at birth. The mutation of DNA does occur during the embryonic development, recombination of geneomic DNA happens in lymphocytes and gene rearrangement is found in every segment of the chromosomes.

  6. @foebea
    It’s both. DNA remains basically the same but there are things called “jumping genes” where genes move around and can be expressed differently. There’s also stuff like gene duplication and exon shuffling which creates genetic diversity when genes or chromosomes do crossing over. Exon shuffling is related to jumping genes.

  7. I thought so…. I knew everyone was different in at least one way. Even identical twins. Everyone always fought with me saying “oh your wrong, identical twins are the same.” Well nope. Hey at least now I got proof!

  8. I am inclined to agree with the idea that our finger ridges are for grasping things. I burned my fingers when I was cooking onece. The pain left as my fingers healed, but they were very smooth and it was difficult to control small things like pens eye glasses etc. It was much easier to handle large objects than smaller ones. When my fingers finally healed the ridges returned.

  9. Thank You so much!
    This topic was in debate for hours over dinner between my fiancé and I. Until we decided that the laptop sitting in the other room could be a useful tool in figuring out the answer!!!
    We both had our seperate opinions, but for once he was RIGHT!
    And we thank you for the decisive explaination!

    Cheers from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA!!!!

  10. thank u 4 that info about.I have 1 set of twins who r frinds of mine and they did not know the answer 2 that question.funny,so i did some investageting.and they the twins had a good funny.dna match finger prints do not match.

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