Do Blind People Dream

It would seem like a sensible answer and it is. Everyone dreams right? Blind people do dream. If they see any visual images depends on when they went blind. If you went blind before age 5, you do not see visual images. Our dreams come from what we live in life so for people blind from birth they have no visual images. Their dreams are rich with sensory, audio and emotional senses. There dreams come from tastes, smells, touches, hearing. Their experiences can be from sound, textures, and temperatures. This is known as “kinesthetic awareness.”

Of course, people who went blind later in life can dream about the world they have seen. Blind people do not show eye movement during REM sleep. There have actually been cases where a person blind from birth can even be an artist. They can draw portraits, landscapes, and even perspectives. They even dream in pictures. So how is this possible? It is truly remarkable. Could it be that the other senses take over to compensate for the loss of sight? We have all heard of such things. If you lose one sense, all your other senses are heightened. Here are some testimonies from blind people about their dreams. It may help you to better understand from their point of view.

Lucho Nakamatsu, 34 years old. (Totally blind from birth)
“I dream of the things I always do. For example, I like to talk about sports very much. Also I dream about the people that are usually with me (friends, relatives, etc.)

Lucio Suárez Sánchez, 30 years old. (Totally blind since he was 17 years old)

“Sometimes I dream I am seeing and sometimes I dream like it is now, that is, without seeing, but I can hear. Usually in the dreams that I can see, I am anywhere, but it is in a place where it is night, and only very few times, I dream that I am seeing in daylight. Also in my dreams I can see people I have known since losing my sight and I see them according to the descriptions people give me about them and I make in my mind a kind of in conscious visual projection of their faces”.

In a weird twist of fate, some blind people dream of objects. They dream of closures. Like walking down a street where all the blinds are shut! That has to be frustrating. It is nice to know that blind people are no different than the rest of us when it comes to dreams. Perhaps dreaming brings sight even for a little while.

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  1. Senses from skin(touch), eyes (sight), ears(hearing), nose (smell), tongue (taste) are stored in our brain. Brain makes different assciations between stored data when we dream. So people blind from birth don’t dream actual objects.They dream objects in the way they percieve objects.

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