Discover the Haven of the Rich and Famous in Bahamas

The Bahamas is renowned worldwide as the destination of the rich and famous due to its crystal blue beaches and inviting sceneries.  This spot which has 650 islands covers a vast land of paradise for tourists with first class amenities.  It is situated several miles from the coast of Florida and prides of a good weather all year-round, which boosts its tourism extensively without weather interruption.

The best time to tour Bahamas is during the summer months of June to August.  Winter is still a tourist period ‘though it becomes cold at times.  Whatever the season is, you will surely enjoy its exotic views and emerald green waters which attract honeymooners all year-round.

Visit the Lucayan National Park where you can explore several caves with rocks formed inside and walk down the mangrove creek.  Hold your breath to view the splendor of Paradise Island Outdoor Aquarium, where various marine species can be found.  There are piranhas, jellyfish and other sea creatures which truly excite family tourists.

Visitors are fascinated to learn about the culture of pirates at the Pirates of Nassau located in the town of Nassau, now a historic site of tranquility and natural blossom.  If you are an archaeological enthusiast, you will certainly enjoy your visit to the Bahamas Historical Museum which displays an array of Lucayan-Taino-Arawak artifacts dating back to the period of Columbus.
Another historical site is the Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation where the sale of slaves and shipwreck remnants were conducted in the past.  Take pictures of the wild life habitat in the Exuma Cays Land comprising of exotic birds, reptiles and the famous Bahamian Iguana which is now declared endangered specie.

One of the attractive Bahamian islands frequented by tourists is the Andros Island.  This is considered the paradise of snorkelers and divers.  Another popular island is the Blue Lagoon Island which is situated in Nassau, where you will be entertained by smart dolphins.  These dolphins are like trained pets that you can ride, swim or play with.

Enjoy surfing and swimming at the beautiful beaches of Bahamas which will bring you memorable experience.  The Cabbage Beach has tropical trees lined up on the shore which add beauty to the scene and serves as retreat site whenever the sun gets too hot.  The Paradise Beach is alluring to water sports like waterskiing, parasailing and windsurfing.

These are only some of the attractions that Bahamas offers.  You will discover more enchanting spots in this paradise destination for tourists, once you are on your way.