Deepest Caves of the World

Do you love visiting Caves? You love adventures and you love action and you love darkness then these deepest Caves of the World are the places for you to visit. In order of deepness, each cave has a unique characterstic and something special about it. Do not be scared by the images, if you wanna have real fun then make sure you visit one of these caves. I have tried my best to provide as many pictures as possible. If you have some of your own please send it over to me and I will put them and credit you for the share.

Deepest Caves of the World

1. Krubera which is the deepest cave in the world located in, Georgia (Abkhazia). The estimated depth is 2,080m (6,822ft). Those of you that watch National Geographic Channel I am sure you have seen some videos of this amazing cave.

2. Lamprechtsofen which is the second deepest cave located in, Austria. The estimated depth is 1,631m (5,354 ft). Most people make the mistake of listing 1,631m Lamprechtsofen as deepest cave, which is actually wrong, the deepest cave is Krubera. There are lots of sites that put Lamprechtsofen at the top but a good research will show that Lamprechtsofen is actually the second deepest cave.

3. Gouffre Mirolda which is third in the list of deepest caves happens to be in France and estimated depth is 1,626m (5,335 ft). There is another deep cave in France which is Jearn Bernard and which is 4th one in our list of deepest caves.

4. Reseau Jean Bernard which was once believed to be the deepest cave in the world is located in Alps, in Samo├źns, France. The depth of the cave is 1,602 m (5,256 ft). Just to make it clear Kruberais the deepest cave, according to latest research. Thus Jean Bernard is not the deepest cave as mentioned in Wikipedia.

5. Torca del Cerro, last but not least the fifth in the list of deepest caves happens to be Torca del Cerro located in Spain with a depth of 1,589m (5,213 ft) it is one of the deepest caves in Spain.

All the facts were taken from BBC, National Geographic Channel and other sources. If you find any wrong information please contact us and we will fix it.

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  1. I am from Espagne and we have never heard of the deepest cave in our country. I will have to check it out.

  2. Stumblerz why you have not mentioned Italy and some other places there are caves there, but you mentioned this is a researched article so may be that is the reason.

  3. holy irresponsibility batman–you can’t tell people they should be visiting some of the most overtly dangerous places on earth, it’s completely insane man. people die in these caves on a regular basis; you have a 99% chance of dying in krubera if you haven’t been cave diving for a decade plus and have extremely specialized skills and equipment. this is just awful.

    also, american caves are nowhere close to being the deepest in the world and that’s why they don’t make this list.

  4. Mistake. Since 2007 the second cave is Snezhnaya-Mezhennjgo-Illuzia (Abkhazia, -1753m). Now it is -1771m (since 2011)

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