Coolest and most amazing Google Trick

I was checking around the net and I found this little Google Trick, and I must say its just toooooo good, you will have to try it to see, I mean you can show it to your friends, your computer teacher and I bet most of them do not know this little neat trick.

It works for other websites but I recommend using it on Google, thats where you will see the trick at its best.

Now follow the steps to check out this cool little trick.

1. Go to and Click Image

2. Fill in the search box with anything you like, in my case I had cars.

3. You will get a result page with lots of thumbnail images.

4. Now delete the address bar in my case it was

5. Copy and paste the following code in the bar and watch the magic. The code is in a TEXT file, just select all and paste it in the address bar, “control+a to select all or edit >select all>copy

Click the LINK to get the code.


Please share your experience here, I will be adding more cool Google tricks.


Update –

Quite fun, if you keep re-deleting the address bar and re adding the code it gets faster and faster

Thanks to Bag in comments

@ another commenter…

This trick has nothing to do with virus, and it is 100% safe, nothing related to virus, it is just a java code that makes the image search fancy.

86 thoughts on “Coolest and most amazing Google Trick”

  1. Whilst it’s a cool effect, it’s neither new, nor anything to do with Google. It’s just a bit of JavaScript that swirls any images that appear on the page around.

  2. For those of you (like the OP) who actually think this is google-specific: NO. It’s a piece of javascript that can be handled by any browser these days, and it will work on any website. All it does is take the images and rotate them. Google had nothing to do with this.

  3. @J

    1. Turn off Caps Lock

    2. Learn to spell

    3. Please go d** in a fire

    You’re the type of person whom makes the internet community look like inbred retards.

  4. Here’s another nice feature of javascript to put in your adress bar:


    It wil resize your browser to 800 x 600


  5. k – that made me just a little bit sick to watch…
    but that was also OH SO COOL. Thanks for the fun little friday afternoon distraction.

  6. Even though this trick is amazing when you show it to non computer friends, what’s even more amazing is how many people here haven’t seen that.

    Nice job Mr. Stumblerz….I give it 2 green thumbs up!

  7. hahah that was great, i was also able to play around with the speed in which the images spinned by changing some code. Nice post

  8. ha-ha! you don’t know anything about javascript! this is just a script which makes the images move around. it’s not a GOOGLE trick. it works on any page.

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