Cool Fact About The Human Body

Humans aren’t the fastest or the strongest, but they do have the largest mental capabilities than any other species. The human body does a lot of interesting things that most people take for granted. Here are some cool facts about the human body.

Unforgettable Smell
The human nose isn’t the most impressive range wise, we are beaten by most animals that require smell for hunting. A dog’s sense of smell is a million times more sensitive than a human’s but humans are capable of remembering more smells. An average nose can differentiate around 50 000 smells.

Bones of Steel
Yes the bones in our body are stronger than steel but as they are much less dense, they are easier to break. So please don’t go around trying to test your bone against any hard object, the result will be most definitively painful.

Cry Baby

This isn’t something most people would be proud of but humans are the only animal capable of emotional tear. No other animal cries because they got hurt or they had a bad day. This is very much a double edged sword, as emotion can drive a person to do irrational things but also greatly motivate them.

This is the biggest advantage humans have(other than their brains), a human can live on pretty much any climate as long as there is some form of oxygen. The only other living thing that can do that is bacteria.

Those were some interesting facts about humans and the human body.