Common Superstitions!

Superstitions are something we all have been subject to since our childhood. Some of us even believe in these silly things because of certain experiences we’ve had. Superstitions are hard to believe on the surface since one event leads to another without anyway natural cause but it happens often enough that we believe they are is correlation. Although there is no statistic proving to prove superstitions are real, culture and folklore state otherwise. Superstitions despite not being all real have interesting origins and meanings, here a few common superstitions.

Knock on Wood!
Knocking on wood is a very popular one we hear almost daily. People knock on wood to avoid something bad from happening, there are many other examples but that is the one people use generally.
It is thought that this superstition started in the church, by religion like many other superstitious beliefs. Fathers of the church would knock on wood when praying since Christ had died on wood. Others believe this tradition of knocking on wood was even before Jesus Christ. Ancient Greeks had a diety that was to be communicated to through wood and they would too knock on wood.

Friday The 13th!
This one goes far back and has links to nearly every religion and system of belief like it. The number 12 is considered the number of completeness. Here a few examples illustrating that fact, an year has 12 months, a clock has 12 hours, Olympus had 12 gods, 12 signs of zodiac in the sky, 12 apostles of Jesus, 12 successors of Mohamed in Islam and even a few other. The religious ties don’t end here, a Friday is thought to be the day Jesus was crucified. That is why Friday and 13 are considered unlucky.

Umbrellas inside
Opening an umbrella inside the house is considered bad luck. This one actually has a logical reason and one that doesn’t go back to thousands of years ago. Umbrellas when invented were highly unpredictable instruments when opened and closed. They had springs inside them that could launch them a few feet away. This launch could and did hurt people when they opened it inside. Despite umbrellas evolving the superstition stayed.