Comedy or Drama?

It is Saturday night. Do you rent a comedy or drama? Well, let us look at some situations.

You are a single guy, a bachelor we may say. I am guessing you are going to opt for the comedy. You want something to lift your spirits. Being alone on a Saturday night is not much fun for anyone. You will want something with a little adventure, nothing that borders on the family type.

You are a guy on your first date. You want to impress your girl. You will want to get a drama. It shows that you are not afraid of being intimate. Do not go for a tear jerker; that is not what you want. You want something that has couples in it, shadowing what you are doing. Your girl will appreciate you for it.

You are a married couple who just got through some bad times. Get the comedy. Add some levity to your situation. Get something with couples and singles, something having to do with relationships. Maybe you will get some tips.

You are a girl or woman getting over a break up. Get the drama – get a tear-jerker. Tears have been shown to release chemicals in the brain that help you to think more clearly. Maybe you will be able to see your situation in a different light.

You are some gals getting together for a girls’ night out. Go for the drama, something about women. You will be able to relate to it and it may bring on some interesting conversation after the movie is over.

You are some guys getting together for a guys’ night out. Get a comedy. Something that is a bit rank. You will have a lot of laughs and bond in your hysteria.

You are some kids getting together for a sleep over. Get the comedy. Get something that has kids in it so that you will be able to relate to it. It does not have to be family-oriented but should not be something rank. Enjoy the laughs and share your favorite parts after the movie and laugh some more.

You are an elderly couple looking for memories. Get the drama, something that is set in a different time. You will be transported to another time that shares the same difficulties that you may have experienced in your life. Compare notes after the movie about how you would have handled the situation or share memories of times that you have been through.

You are a young couple looking for a good time. Get the comedy – something about relationships. Enjoy how the couples get through their situations and maybe learn a tip or two for your future.

You are a single woman looking for answers to your relationship problems. Get the drama – something with couples in it. Maybe you will find your answers in the movie. If nothing else, you will clear your mind with a good cry.

No matter what your situation, a comedy offers levity and a drama offers a new look on your problems.