Collection of Fun and Informative Statistical Facts that will blow you away

Disclaimer – I am not sure how well researched are these facts, most of them are correct others I have no idea about. But that is with every statistic fact out there. I have added a little comment after each fact just for fun. They are all SUPER DUPER hilarious share them with friends if you like it…

Here goes the list —

1. Traveling by air is the safest means of transportation. You are more likely to get killed in a car accident or by an animal.

Next time you are traveling by plane, feel comfortable and have a good sleep.

2. A car is stolen almost every minute in the United States.

Next time you are parking your car make sure you have a lock system plus some additional security system

3.  It will take a person more than 100 years + to drive a car to Sun.

Forget about going to Sun by car.

4. More than 50% of the accidents happen during the weekend.

Make sure you drive safely on weekends.

5. A person on average spends almost 10 minutes in shower.

My aunt goes for 2 hours, she loves taking shower.

6. An average person speaks about 30,000+ words per day.

WoW just lots of work, If I were to ask someone to write those 30,000 words he will pass out.

7. The average person spends about 2 years of their life talking over the phone.

I swear to god my mom talks well more than 10 hours a day over phone.

8. An average person spends about 2-3 weeks of his life waiting for the traffic light to change.

That is why I never wait for the light to change and just cross the road.

9. Law of Right – 90% of people who enter a store turn to the right.

I am going for the left side from today

10. 1% of the world population at any given time of a day is drunk

My uncle is drunk 24/7, he is one of them.

11. More than 15 people annually get killed trying to steal from vending machine.

That is why I will always steal from local grocery story. Safe and convenient.

12. Chances of you being murdered is one in twenty thousand.

Now I know why there are so many murders, you can just escape this small margin.

13. Odds of being killed by a dog is one in six hundred thousand.

This is false in case of BullDog

14. Odds of being killed by Blizzard or Tornado is one in a million.

I will be having fun in next Tornado. I have chances of survival.

15. Odds of being killed by falling of the bed are one in three million.

That is why I always sleep on floor.

16. Odds of ending up in mars after waking up are 1 in 5 billion.

I wouldn’t mind the free ride.

17. Odds of being Killed in a car accident is one in ten thousand.

LoL not the case if you are in India.

18. Odds of dying in a bath tub is one in a two million.

I am not taking shower anymore.

19. Only 3 out of 5000 husbands tell their wives daily that they love them.

I never heard my dad say I love you to my mom.

20. Married men tip better than unmarried men.

Ya they come to bar because they are pissed .

21. One out of every 12 people are arrested every year in the US.

I am not walking on the streets of the US again.

22. Believe it or not women shoplift more often than men, the stats are 5 to one.

Always wondered how come my History class teacher wore different wrist watches every day year long.

23. One out of every five people do not know what their astrological sign.

I think I know mine, Oh what was it?

24. Fifty percent of teenager boys say they would rather be RICH than SMART.

Ya very true, everyone wants to be 50 cents or Justin Timberlake now.

25. Most of the population in the US believe in ghost and devil.

I always see ghosts when i am in the US. Now I know why.

26. 55% of men who are divorced feel they are happier after the divorce.

Guess why my uncle divorced.

27. 80% of women who are divorced feel they are happier after the divorce.

Women Women, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

28. 80% of the WORLD’s population believe that there is a life after death “afterlife”

I do not want to live and afterlife. It is enough for me to live once on this Earth.

29. 200-400 babies are born worldwide every minute.

Control the population people. No doubt why population is so high.

30. 10 babies will be given to wrong parents each day.

I think i was given to wrong parents.

31. 10 million other people share the same birthday as yours.

Wish I knew all these guys.

32. Safest age of life is when you are 10-11years old.

Ya because parents are always over you.

33. You are more likely to get attacked by a walker by than a shark.

I aint walking outside anymore. Gonna do only swimming

34. You are more likely to get killed by a cow than a shark.

This could be true. I have seen it.

35. The percentage of men who wash their hands after using a toilet is only 52%.

I never wash my hands lol, So I wasn’t the only one, nor my friends.

36. The percentage of women who wash their hands after using a toilet is 85%.

I knew my girl is clean, way to go.

37. More than 500 people get injured by their jewelry every month.

My mom is a good example.

38. About 500,000 credit cards in circulation will turn out to have incorrect cardholder information.

My dad name is incorrect on his CC.

Last but not least my favorite of them all.

98% of all the statistics are made up.

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30 thoughts on “Collection of Fun and Informative Statistical Facts that will blow you away”

  1. Really nice article and nice comments after each stat!!!! LOVED IT

    And comments are very easy and fast here.

  2. None of it is true , the major corrprations want us to belive this crap no im not beliving this shit,..

    Im gonna fkin boycoottt there asses.

  3. I was hoping something like..

    10% of the american population are raped………………………………by black people.

  4. An average person speaks about 30,000+ words per day.

    WoW just lots of work, If I were to ask someone to write those 30,000 words he will pass out.


  5. I am not walking on the streets of the US again.

    MENTAL RETARD u have to walk the sidewalks not the street.

  6. Dr jerret u senseless bastard stop commenting on ur laptop go save some lifes u idiot.

    On the article: Ya nice stuff i think ill forget most but nice.

  7. I want break some boys ass here
    why everyone fighting here, give feedback and comment leave the boys alone


    U cant stop us , we taking over the world and there is nothing u can do.

    Jokes /

    But hunter ur one stupid kiddo

  9. I think i will avoid u ..

    Maybe ur just some psychopath on stumbleupon who
    just posts on articles all day bastud.

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  11. @ all the haters around the net

    I have seen some negative reaction around the net after this post, but mostly from those that take life bit to serious, this is just a fun post for GOD sake, go get a beer and relax, I seriously don’t have time to argue with some 12yrs old kids at forums..

    this post is all about fun, no hard feelings little boys and girls grow up..

  12. Hey Stumblerz

    Barking dogs seldom bite.

    forums are full of dogs with no life, they say anything and everything because they are useless themselves.

  13. Stumblerz good post, I liked it, let others say what they want, i want to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog posts and you cannot avoid people who will not agree with you but there are tons of others who are nice.

    my 2 cents

  14. Danny

    Way to go, write these sort of articles, people will bark and bark and bark, thats how you become known around net, a good example is Clinton remember his affair?
    thats how you go about it, make things controversial, sucky and all bullshit, when dogs around forum bark they not only bark but help spread the word around, which means traffic for you.

    One thing you have to remember in the world of blogging is that you will find lots of ASSHOLES who do nothing then pissing people off, they have never done anything good in their life but they will go on forums and bark and bark, like Roy said but these dogs seldom bite.

    Welcome to blogging and keep up the good work, haters are everywhere and blogging is no different you are bound to find losers who spend 24/7 on computer bullshitting about others, while they can go work and make some money, instead they are all on social help.

  15. I don’t believe the airline to car argument. What units are quantified how for this estimate? If i take 4 car trips per day 7 days a week = 28 trips/wk, *52wks = 1456 trips/yr, *50yrs = 72,800 trips/life. How many airline flights crash (which you have very little chance of surviving [i don’t know why they dont just attach 3 huge parachutes to planes for emergency crash land in case]) per 72,800?

  16. Lots of information, however I took a statistics course and learned to
    question what I read. I see no information as to how you obtained this
    information, thus I am weary to believe much of it. On the other hand
    much of it is common sense. Such as the car plane accidents. Many more
    cars are on the roads than planes in the sky. The sky also has more area
    than the roads do.

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