Coca-Cola Was Originally Green

While this is certainly interesting, the fact is it is not true! This rumor has appeared on the internet and email forwards. Thank goodness. I know I would not want to drink green coke! The original formula actually called for caramel to turn the product brown. The original recipe has gone through many changes over the years but nothing that drastic! Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 and the inventor knew that the brown would hide any impurities. He actually made it to be a medicine. Of course, technology has taken a huge leap forward from the days of making this product in your basement. In those days, anything could have fallen into the batch and needed to be hidden from the consumer.  There was a time when coke was produced in green bottles. That is most likely how this particular rumor emerged. Asa Griggs Candler who made it a worldwide phenomenon bought the patent.

A pharmacist made Coke. His name was John Stith Pemberton. They sold it as the new soda in the local pharmacy charging five cents each. His partner came up with the name Coca-Cola. Cokes ingredients are a huge secret but it was said to have uncertain amounts of cocaine in it! This comes from the coca leaf, which is used in production. It was taken out completely in 1906. However, over the years Coke has gotten a bad rap and is said to be very bad for your health.  It has become so popular that Pepsi has challenged the company more than once. Coke has risen to a billion dollar industry. It is a recognized symbol all over the world. The fact that they now remove the coke stems the question where does it go. Well they actually sell it to hospitals! Coca- Cola is actually the biggest seller of coke in the nation! They ship their concentrated coke to companies all over the world.

Along with the cocaine ingredient, apparently the original version also contained alcohol. People started complaining about getting headaches until the ingredients were changed. Therefore, it seems there was and is a great deal of controversy surrounding Coke and its products. However, because of this the inception of the green bottle led people to believe the liquid was indeed green as well. Of course, bottles changed and then came the can and packaging and colors changed. Over the years, the company is getting involved in the environment more so the only thing green about Coke is their new forward thinking and the millions they are putting into their marketing. The gossip around coke being green is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the facts and non-facts about coca-cola.

I hope that this clears up the rumor that coke used to be green. While Coke is not the preferred pop for everyone, its popularity cannot be denied. I think that although there is much controversy surrounding this beverage it is up to the individual consumer. Whether you love Coke or you hate it, there is no doubt it has been around for years and will be around for many more.

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  1. I read about the history of coca cola in a book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolian Hill. It says coca cola was a invention of a doctor and production rights were bought by a clerk. Clerk made a fortune by selling coca cola.

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