Coach Handbags

These bags are looked at with a certain regard. They are the signature for luxury, quality and success. They are coveted the world over. They originated when the founder noticed the detail on baseball gloves and how well they stood up to wear. So Coach was born in 1941. Six artists began Coach in New York. The leather is slow cured in large drums and rotated for several days. The leather is enriched with natural treatments producing softened rich leather. Their popularity continues to rise through the years and is now instantly recognized. These bags are not beyond everyone’s reach as middle class as well as upper class can own them. Coach only uses the top 10% of leather for their products. Each bag is made with a unique grain pattern and supple finish. Did you know that the average women own 111 purses in her lifetime! She gets a new one every three months.

Bags range in price from $100 to over $1,000. There are imitation coach bags that are out there. A real bag should have a pattern C going straight up and down and centered on both the front and back and a serial number sewn into the bag. Then each zipper is engraved with “YKK”. Coach bags are heavy duty due to the luxury hardware and leather.

A coach bag should have a quality interior as well. You have to check out the hardware and determine if it is metal or coated plastic? You also have to know genuine leather from synthetics. The handbags fall into three categories. Small handhelds, shoulder bags and bags like the Hamptons Leather Signature with an adjustable strap so they can be worn over the body.

Recent designs have veered away from the classic leather. They are using denims, Lurex, jacquard and a range of textures and colors for the newer coach purses. Modern materials are the major influence for the patchwork range of purses. They have also made available earth tones, metallic’s and monochrome hues. The more modern varieties include edgier embellishments such as studded rivets, leather lacing and brass buckles. Just like the baseball gloves before them coach bags weather well with age and mould to their owners body for comfortable long lasting wear. Coach never sells sub quality or factory seconds. All damaged products are destroyed! The store authentic your bag for free! Coach will repair your handbag.