Certified Nursing Assistant – a noble and a passionate profession

Many of you must have heard about the “Lady with the Lamp” – Florence Nightingale. If I were to say that Florence Nightingale is the apt synonym for “Nursing”, it is not an exaggeration.

It is this lady, born in a rich family in the UK, who laid the foundation steps for the noble profession of nursing and got fame only for her pioneering service, especially to the wounded soldiers at the camps during the Crimean War.

What is nursing?

It is a profession in the health-care industry, where the primary focus of a nurse would be to take care of the patients and render all possible assistance such that the patients recover from the ailments and return back to optimal health such that they can maintain themselves with no further external assistance.

With the increasing need for specialized assistance, the definition of nursing has been extended to include not just individual patients, but also the families and the communities at large.

As a nurse, it is not necessary that you should work only in a hospital or a clinic. Specialized nursing services for old people, infants, or people with physical challenges, either at their homes or in dedicated centers also come under the profession of nursing.

As a nurse, it is immaterial whether you are catering to the needs of a single patient, family or a community. However, the underlying concept is that of service and assistance till the patient gets back to normalcy.

Before dwelling further into the aspects of Nursing as a profession, one should understand an important point. Just as a mother is to an infant and a teacher is to the child, Nurse is to a patient. This must be borne in mind, when you are aspiring to take up this noble profession.

This is one reason why the nursing profession is best suited for the women than the men, because the qualities of compassion, care and understanding will be relatively more among the service-minded women in the nursing industry, though men are also equally capable of taking up the profession of nursing.

The profession of nursing has been recognized world wide and there is huge and perennial requirement for people in the nursing industry. Though the motive is service to the needy and suffering patients, the payment is also relatively better and depending upon the place and the patients one needs to look after or service for, one can expect a decent salary ranging from a minimum of $30,000 per year and more.

As a certified nurse, you need to work under the guidance of a registered nurse, who is equivalent to a semi-qualified doctor, and follow his or her instructions in connection with the services for the patient.

Nursing, though a profession with a decent salary, should be taken up with an extra bit of passion and humility as the motto is Service to the patients.