Do You Believe that the New and Full Moon Affect Freshwater Fishing?

Many fishermen will say that the moon phase has some kind of effect on freshwater fish but not scientifically proven.  Only a few fishermen will be able to give concrete proof of any major effect that the moon has on abundance of fish.

The gravity pulls in the same direction during the new moon that has both the sun and moon.  Ocean tides are higher during new and full moon period.

During new and full moon periods, Folks have observed that the biggest fish catch is done during the full moon. They attested that they have gathered a lot of fish during full moon.

Therefore, if the moon really affects catching of fish during moon phases, why does the moon has no the same effect on our freshwater fish?  Results of surveys revealed that a lot of fishermen, including some local guides and tournament pros, swear the moon does not affect the quantity of fish you catch.

So, did you catch that volume of fish because of the new or full moon, or you just put the bait in the right place at the right time?  All fishermen will agree that the best time to fish is at sunrise and sunset.  Of course the light of the moon helps in fishing because at least it’s not dark on the sea when you go fishing.
To verify this, next time that you are at the lake during new and full moons, maybe you can try some larger bait.  You can throw bigger bait on the same pattern that works for smaller fish.

A combination of the best fishing rod, skill, the kind of bait used with a new or full moon can turn a day of fishing into an incredible day of fishing. The effect of a new or full moon on freshwater fishing is when the other important factors are not prime that can make the peak times very important to watch out for.

The moon may be that key element that will get them moving if you are in the middle of weather patterns and fishing conditions aren’t the best.  You have to be more aggressive for the short period of time during the day.  You have to know when those times are, otherwise, it’s impossible to take advantage of them.

On the next new and full moons, try some fishing just for fun.  One thing sure, the worst thing can happen that you were not able to catch a single fish.

What Makes the Difference in the Speed if Cans of Soup are Rolled Down the Ramp?

What Makes the Difference in the Speed if Cans of Soup are Rolled Down the Ramp?

When several cans containing soup are rolled down the ramp, they go with different speed.  What makes the difference then?  Well, the speed varies in velocity depending on the content of the cans.  If solid contents are placed inside the cans, they will produce the same angular speed on the inside and on the outside.

When you put liquid inside the cans, they will move differently on the inside.  If several materials of different kinds are placed inside the cans, they can produce different interactions.  The materials with heavier weights will remain at the bottom of the cans causing the reduction in rotating capability of the cans.

Based on Physics, the rotational angular capability of heavy materials are faster in sliding procedure rather than in rotation movement because of gravity that pulls heavier objects.  In the rotation process, the heavy materials contained in the cans impede the ability of the cans to roll in their surface faster while in sliding, the heavier the weight of the cans are, the faster they can slide on their surface.

There is a slight difference when you roll down wheels in inclined planes compared to cans of soup.  The wheels can roll down at the same speed depending on the manner that they were released from the momentum of inertia.  When cans which contain fluids are rotated from a ramp, the movement of fluids inside a rolling cylinder can be measured thru viscosity.

On the other hand, when the cans contain solid objects, they can cause a friction sliding against the surface of the cans that causes slowing down of its rolling capability.  Now, take the case of several cans filled with water, molasses, sand, soup, and so on.

When you roll them in a ramp assuming that they vary in size and each can is full of content, you will notice that the cans which are heavier move slower in downward movement than the lighter ones and they will stop at a limited distance whey they hit the ground compared to lighter cans which can roll at longer distance.

Now let’s go to sliding experiment.  When you let objects to slide down a ramp, the weights are pulled down by gravity to the center of the earth.  Therefore, based on Newton’s Law, all materials will slide down the inclined plane regardless of the weight or size of the objects, at the same rate of speed.  But what about hoops, empty cans, hollow sphere and solid sphere?  Hoops will produce the same rate of velocity regardless of mass or weight.  Same is true with empty cans placed in a row.  This is also applicable to hollow and solid sphere.

Why?  Because as Newton’s Law indicates, all objects regardless of size or mass have the same rate of acceleration.  But if you place these objects in competition, you will find out that empty cans will beat hoops and hollow spheres will beat solid spheres.

This is because the Law of Physics states that the acceleration of the objects in any inclined surface does not depend on the mass but on how the mass is distributed.

Entanglement: Nature’s Amazing Means of Communication

Popular fiction, non-fiction, and mythologies are full of numerous accounts of this fascinating phenomenon called telepathy – communication through extrasensory means. Scientists have been keenly interested in verifying the possibility of people communicating without any apparent means of communication. For decades, telepathic communication was regarded as a myth. But now, there is some evidence of the possibility of distant communication between people; between people and animals; and possibly between animals and/or other living forms found in nature. In Dr. Robin Kelly’s award-winning book The Human Antenna (Energy Psychology Press, California, 2008), we learn about atoms ‘talking’ to each other.

As Dr. Kelly explains, atoms ‘talk’ to each other by the phenomenon called entanglement. This is best ‘seen’ on the level of electrons. Two electrons, forming a pair, in an atom always have opposite spin with regard to each other; one of them spinning clockwise and the other counter-clockwise. Scientists studying entanglement were amazed to find that this ‘connectedness’ of electrons is independent of the amount of physical distance between them: take one of them thousands of miles apart and its spin will remain the same in relation to its pair member. Dr. Kelly believes that cosmic energy can be transmitted through the special structure of DNA, i.e. from one DNA molecule to another that is far away from it in physical space. This energy may be emotional energy or bits of thought or knowledge etc. Thus, telepathic communication between people can not be ruled out as something unscientific.

Our daily life is not at all lacking in observations of telepathic communication between people and even between pet owners and their dear pets. Many of us know that identical twins can experience each other’s pain even when they are distant by miles. This phenomenon is a form of telesomatic communication i.e. the connectedness of distant bodies. Dr. Kelly tells of an interesting case when Anne, one of his patients in New Zealand, suddenly developed a pain in her neck without any injury or other physical cause. She later received a call from her identical twin sister (who lived in Brisbane, Australia) who told Anne that she had an accident and was safe except for pain in her neck; the very same part where Anne had developed it. The most wonderful thing happened when Dr. Kelly treated Anne with acupuncture and the next minute Anne got her sister’s call, telling that her pain had ‘magically’ disappeared.

It is important to mention that so far there is no solid scientific evidence of people telepathically connecting the way folklore or popular myths describe; rather, telesomatic communication is spontaneous – happening suddenly and without the conscious will of the people involved. More research will reveal whether people can master telepathic skills for using consciously. If so, telecommunication companies may find themselves out of business.

Why do fizzy drinks have bubbles in them

Japan saw the launch of a new ‘fizzy’ drink called Unagi Nobori or ‘Surging Eel’. The yellow-colored fizzy drink contains extracts from the head and bones of eel plus five vitamins that are contained in the fish. It’s said to be the best way to stay cool in hot weather. Source:

Fizzy drinks or soda pops are popular throughout the world. Fizzy drinks and a box of crisps are the most talked about junk food attributed to obesity and health concerns all over the world.

What are fizzy drinks?  Fizzy drinks are carbonated drinks with carbon dioxide dissolved in the drink. When the top of the pop is opened, carbon dioxide trapped inside escapes forming foam on the top as bubbles. Effervescence is the scientific term to explain the escape of gas from a solution. In some instances, when gas escapes from a high pressurized carbonated drink, bubbles are formed in the surface of the solution at the time of depressurization. If effervescence is accompanied by formation of bubbles with sound, on the surface of the solution it is commonly known as Fizz, the process that gave carbonated drinks its name as fizzy drinks.

Carbon dioxide is used in the drink because it dissolves well and is available free – Yeast being the main source of carbon dioxide production. Most of the fizzy drinks combine yeast and sugar to create the fizz. Carbon dioxide does not react with the drink; it remains a neutral gas unlike other gases that react with the solution changing the nature of the drink. Carbon dioxide when dissolved at low pressure becomes carbonic acid with a tasty, lemony tingling taste with fizz that lasts longer.

Shaking of champagne before opening is a common procedure seen in celebrations. It is presumed that champagne inside builds pressure on shaking. Fact is no increase was observed in the pressure of the liquid during shake to attribute the fountain effect to the pressure built up on the liquid inside. Tiny bubbles are formed during shake and become larger in size rapidly due to reduction in temperature caused by opening the drink. Increase in size of the bubbles yields excessive foam and the natural tendency of the gas to escape on opening creates the fountain effect of champagne.

With the increasing usage of fizzy drinks and medical world attributing fizzy drinks as a cause to various diseases, scientists in St. Louis university have discovered a replacement to conventional battery called fuel cells that produce electricity using fizzy drinks and other potential sources of sugar.

World’s Hairiest Family

You have heard of Werewolf? I bet you have, everyone knows the word and it became popular with the ever so popular movie X-Men, my point is not that, believe it or not these pictures are real and there is actually a clan in Mexico called The Ramos Gomez Clan and they are exactly like the pictures above. Now mind you they are not Werewolves but the clan is suffering from Hypertrichosis or in layman’s term “werewolf syndrome” which causes thick hair to grow over the entire body. 95% of the body covered by hair.

According to Guinness World Book of Records, this Mexican clan is the hairiest  family in the world. In fact two of the family member are very well known around the world as they travel everywhere to perform their shows. They are known as Brothers Larry and Danny Ramos Gomez, according to what I read at IMDB they are also known as the WOLF BROTHERS. You can read a short article at IMDB on these two brothers.

Short article Link

Before I end this post, I just wanna say DON’T LET YOUR LOOKS STOP YOU FROM BEING FAMOUS, EVEN THE UGLIEST CAN BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND MOST FAMOUS. Larry and Danny are good examples of real life.

Never give up in your life and seek what you dream.