The Ravishing Beauty of Thailand That Makes it One of the Best Tourist Destinations in Southeast Asia

This land is called the “Land of Smiles” where people smile to welcome foreigners who come to their land as a sign of hospitality and courtesy.  Thais also smile whenever they could hardly perceive conversations in English. Thailand ranks as one of the world’s famous tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.  If you conduct a survey and ask people what are their top priorities to spend their vacation, you will be surprised to know that Thailand is always included in the list.

But why is it so?  What is the secret of Thailand that makes it a popular tourist spot?  The first reason is the exotic nature that provides a restive atmosphere with terrific view of the sea and healthy green environment.  The next reason may be the well-preserved history and culture of the country where many temples have been built everywhere to practice their religious belief.

In Bangkok alone, you can find a Monk Buddhist Monastery with Monks roaming around the city in their distinctive robes and shaved heads symbolizing the strong inclination of people to spiritual belief.  Another reason is of course the hospitable character of the Thais and the mouth-watering Thai delicacy which is becoming well-sought by Westerners.

Being known as a quick-rising shopper’s paradise, this also induces tourists to visit Bangkok to shop for branded items in open markets and stalls at bargain prices.  Bangkok boasts of Chatuchak as the world’s largest open market.  In fact, many business people travel to Bangkok regularly to buy good quality items at low price which they sell to their homeland for double the price.

If you are in Bangkok, you can drop at the Grand Palace and the Temple of Emerald Buddha to have a glimpse of the country’s historical and cultural heritage.  If you like to visit many temples of different sizes, you can visit Chiang Mai in the north or at Phuket in the south.  Don’t miss the UNESCO declared World Heritage temple, the Ayutthaya which is truly unique in design and ornaments.

Enjoy water activities at the world’s renowned Phuket beaches in the south where the sea is superb.  You can also try Koh Phi Phi which was the site of the movie, “The Beach.”  If you want some exciting thrill in the wilderness, have a trek to the scenic mountains of Chiang Mai and have some friendly encounter with the inhabitants of tiny villages.

Find it out yourself when you set foot on the land.  These are the secrets of Thailand which make it one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.  You will then realize that there are many more attractions to visit in Thailand.

How to Enjoy Your 2 Weeks Holiday in Balearic Islands, Spain

The Balearic Islands of Spain boasts of a rich historic origin and beautiful sights.  Being in the Spanish coast of the Mediterranean, it therefore evokes endless beaches and truly breathtaking sights common in these places along the Mediterranean.  It is composed of the islands of Formentera, Ibiza, Mallorca and Minorca.  These islands have a long history that dates back to pre-historic times.

Tourism formally begun in the 1950s when the first chartered flights landed on the islands.  Tourism then greatly flourished that also brought progress and prosperity to the islands and its people.  Today, it is one of the most visited places in this part of Spain.  The economy of the islands rose with the booming tourism trade.

The smallest of its 4 islands is Formentera.  The island itself is attractive having good beaches and fine white sand and clear blue waters.  However, it is less developed than its bigger and more famous sister islands.  The 3rd largest island is Ibiza.  It is renowned for its gay and lavish nightlife that attract tourists.

The famous discos are found in the island as well as rows of bars, cafes and restaurants.  It also prides of a walled area called Dalt Vila.  Aside from its famous beaches, its inland landscapes are terrific, dotted with abundant pine trees on rocky lands.

Mallorca is the majestic island of the Balearic and also the largest.  The place is a gathering of the old and new.  Many historical landmarks are found on the island.  The famous ones are its enormous cathedral, La Seu, a lot of Renaissance mansions in town, old churches and an abandoned old monastery.

Because it is such a beautiful place, around 9 million visitors come to the place annually.  Its magic is its sun, sea and sound.  Likewise, its contrasting landscape is a perfect magical picture that visitors love to see.

The island of Minorca is the 2nd largest of the Balearic Islands.  This island is a port city that breathes through the Mediterranean.  Through its terrific and magnificent harbors, you can dine in good restaurants and have a fine view of the astounding Mediterranean.  Its restaurants are famous for fantastic gourmets that are offered at reasonable prices.  There are also numerous historical sites of pre-historic past.

The Balearic Islands is indeed a reasonable place to go if your vacation is limited for 2 weeks.  It’s not only a breathtaking site; it is also a place full of history.

Discover the Haven of the Rich and Famous in Bahamas

The Bahamas is renowned worldwide as the destination of the rich and famous due to its crystal blue beaches and inviting sceneries.  This spot which has 650 islands covers a vast land of paradise for tourists with first class amenities.  It is situated several miles from the coast of Florida and prides of a good weather all year-round, which boosts its tourism extensively without weather interruption.

The best time to tour Bahamas is during the summer months of June to August.  Winter is still a tourist period ‘though it becomes cold at times.  Whatever the season is, you will surely enjoy its exotic views and emerald green waters which attract honeymooners all year-round.

Visit the Lucayan National Park where you can explore several caves with rocks formed inside and walk down the mangrove creek.  Hold your breath to view the splendor of Paradise Island Outdoor Aquarium, where various marine species can be found.  There are piranhas, jellyfish and other sea creatures which truly excite family tourists.

Visitors are fascinated to learn about the culture of pirates at the Pirates of Nassau located in the town of Nassau, now a historic site of tranquility and natural blossom.  If you are an archaeological enthusiast, you will certainly enjoy your visit to the Bahamas Historical Museum which displays an array of Lucayan-Taino-Arawak artifacts dating back to the period of Columbus.
Another historical site is the Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation where the sale of slaves and shipwreck remnants were conducted in the past.  Take pictures of the wild life habitat in the Exuma Cays Land comprising of exotic birds, reptiles and the famous Bahamian Iguana which is now declared endangered specie.

One of the attractive Bahamian islands frequented by tourists is the Andros Island.  This is considered the paradise of snorkelers and divers.  Another popular island is the Blue Lagoon Island which is situated in Nassau, where you will be entertained by smart dolphins.  These dolphins are like trained pets that you can ride, swim or play with.

Enjoy surfing and swimming at the beautiful beaches of Bahamas which will bring you memorable experience.  The Cabbage Beach has tropical trees lined up on the shore which add beauty to the scene and serves as retreat site whenever the sun gets too hot.  The Paradise Beach is alluring to water sports like waterskiing, parasailing and windsurfing.

These are only some of the attractions that Bahamas offers.  You will discover more enchanting spots in this paradise destination for tourists, once you are on your way.

What Makes Australia Different from other Tourist Destinations?

Australia is a world-class tourist destination made up of the old and the new generations of beautiful ambience, inland and outside the city. If you are in a hurry to spend your vacation to the fullest, and you prefer to see the natural environment of Australia, then, start if off at Queensland. There, you will enjoy the golden appearance of sands at the Surfers Paradise.

Snorkeling at the colorful surroundings of the Great Barrier Reef and the Fraser Island is something to think of once you are there.

You can hire a native guide to take you to Daintree Rainforest or you can perform your diving skills at Bundaberg town. You have the option to hire a yacht to bring you to the wonderful Whitsunday Islands to go sightseeing and picture-taking. See for yourself the dinosaur steps at Winton and reenergize yourself at Noosa beaches at the Capricorn Coast.

Your tour to the old memories will be satisfied by watching rodeos in the south of Queensland and horseback riding in Townsville’s Magnetic Island. Then, move to Brisbane and appreciate the Botanical Gardens while biking. Watch the pelicans at Brisbane River and enjoy the attractions at the gardens and lagoons at the Southbank.

Experience trekking at the World Heritage Gold Coast rainforest and swim in the clean pools or explore Mount Tamborine where you can find glow-worm colony. Wind up at the ultra-modern night clubs at the sandy Surfers Paradise.

Watch the dolphins and sea lions play tricks at Sea World. Join the cruise at the Daintree River where you will see a lot of birds, crocodiles and other animals along the way at Cape Tribulation. If you are a fishing enthusiast, you can have it at Mission Beach within the area of Port Douglas.

If you are fond of wild adventure, explore the isolated village of Cape Peninsula and discover the popular lava tube system built in Undara Volcanic National Park as well as an old Spanish castle in Paronella Park.

Experience the thrill of whale-watching at the Fraser Coast, the largest sand island in the world. Have time to visit the historic Maryborough where you will see Spanish-built colonial homes. See for yourself ancient fossils of dinosaurs 25 million years ago at Riversleigh Fossil Fields, Outback, Queensland. Don’t miss the marvelous attractions at the Magnetic Island, Townsville.

These are only some of the attractions in Australia. Considering its size, it is best to plan a longer vacation for you to explore more tourist spots and enjoy your stay with your family.

5 Reasons Why You Should Explore the Philippines

Whether you are a traveler or a first-time tourist who want to visit a country in the Southeast Asia, the Philippines can provide you with an array of spectacular tourist spots which will surely arouse your interest and desire. On top of these beautiful places, you will discover the pride of Filipinos anywhere you go.  Filipinos are well-known for hospitality and they are cooperative and respectful too.

You can never miss your way while in the Philippines because you can be guided by anybody.  Even children speak English language in a manner that can easily be understood.

What more, you can choose the kind of accommodation you prefer, whether in a 5-star hotel or in a middle-class apartel.  In the countryside, there are first-class hotels to accommodate you and even lodging houses which you can rent at a minimal cost.  You can also book in the lodging quarters inside the beach area with fantastic ambience comprising of the lush garden and the cool breeze from the sea.

If you prefer to see the capital City of Manila first before going to your destinations, you can hire registered cars-for-hire right at the international airport or flag a taxi and have your accommodation nearby, which will take you only for 30 minutes travel from the airport on a clear traffic day.  In Manila, you can have photos of the century-old churches, Spanish-designed forts and modern museums housing ancient artifacts.

You can visit the seat of the Philippine government called Malacañang Palace, where the President of the Philippines resides.  You will see a kind of city blended with American and Spanish influences which paved the way to the creation of a new Manila, which is now a huge urban area known as Metro Manila.

You have the option to visit the Bicol region where the famous perfect cone of Mayon Volcano is situated.  It is amazing to see the old church which was covered when the volcano spewed a great quantity of lava and ashes in the 18th century.  This is the site where thousands of people gathered for safety but were buried alive during its first eruption.  Today, only part of the church where bells rang can be seen from the outside.

Then, you can travel to Boracay which is a world-class swimming destination, endowed with fine sand beaches.  Its crystal-clear waters are fitted for swimming, sailing, fishing and sunbathing.  You can also find Boracay sapphire seas and spectacular sunsets with hidden coves in the island.  Boracay is situated at the northwest tip of Panay, in the west Visayas region.

Your next destination can be the beautiful site of Palawan which is a sanctuary to a variety of exotic flora and fauna.  Palawan is also home to the famous Tubbataha Reef which is the only national marine park that made it to the World Heritage List.  Palawan is well-known for white-sand beaches, scenic rock formations, underwater rivers and fantastic caves.

If you have ample time, visit the summer capital of the country, Baguio City, where you can enjoy a cool weather.  From Baguio City, you can go to Banaue Rice Terraces which is considered as the 8th wonder of the world.   The terraces were constructed manually by the native Ifugaos.

Bali, The Most Interesting Tourist Spot in Indonesia

Bali became world-famous in the years 2002 and 2005 not because of its natural grandeur as a paradise island but because of terrorist attacks which resulted in the death of many people including foreign tourists.  The sensational news became widespread throughout the world and governments went to the extent of warning their citizens to exclude Bali in their holiday itineraries for the meantime, and that ultimately caused a drastic decline in its tourism.

That was a brief suspension, however, because the lure of its beautiful attractions as a paradise overwhelmed the fear of the past tragedy.  Tourists started to pour in after just a few while when security was guaranteed by Indonesian authorities to make their stay in Bali, safe and sound.

Because of its magnetic charm, Bali has been called by many people as the “Island of Gods” simply because they have in mind that Gods dwell in paradise.  Tourists are pleased with the way Balinese people preserve their ancestral culture and traditions.

They are never affected with the modern means and devices brought by Western civilization, instead, they adhere to the old ways and cultural beliefs backed by their Hindu religion.  This in fact is what makes them strong to endure and recover quickly from the horrible suicide attacks; they let their Gods rule over all matters.

This small island in the heart of Indonesia is known to be one of the best scuba diving spots in the globe.  When you come to visit Bali, you can start it at a temple to have a close encounter with their cultural values.  Watch a Hindu ceremony at Pura Besakih or the “Mother of Temple” situated in Mount Agung.  As the name implies, it is the mother of all temples in Bali that vary in size.

Shopping is also great in this place where you can find a wide selection of souvenir items, clothing and Balinese handcrafts.  Then, have fun at the Monkey Forest where numerous monkeys perform their tricks and play with the onlookers.


Watch for playful dolphins to come at the Lovina in the north and while waiting for them to appear on the sea, enjoy the wonders of creation with the captivating brilliance of the sunrise and the breathtaking scene of sea tranquility.  Have your fine dining with a glass of fine wine in the seashore at nighttime overlooking the sea and under the lights of the moon.  The tranquil atmosphere and the scenic ambience is blended with beautiful music that will truly make you feel relaxed and enjoy the warmth of nature in a cool breeze.  The next day, you will feel invigorated and re-energized to perform your planned activities for the day.

This is life in Bali; whatever happens, life goes back to normal in a natural way.  The most important thing is that the wonders of nature are always there to polish and regain any loss thru their treasures.  From the tragic past, Bali is now enjoying an unparalleled rise in its tourism industry.