Fun facts about Capoeira

Martial arts have been in the mainstream for a while now, since the rise of Hong Kong kung fu movies with the likes of Bruce Lee. Everyone has learned about the usefulness of martial arts as a pastime, tool for kids and grownups. One this martial art is Capoeira, which never gained any real recognition but other than by those martial art aficionados who learn about every art. Capoeira originated in Brazil with a great backstory. The origin is somewhat a sad one because it involves slavery. The portuguse colonized Northern Brazil in the 16th century but lacked the man power to expand the settlements; this led to them importing African slaves. The slaves soon started revolting against their Portuguese overlords but this proved difficult because of the lack of weapons available to them and familiar to them. This marked the birth of Capoeira which involved lots of side movement and kicks from odd angles. Just the movement would unsettle the Guards because of its unpredictability. When the slaves first prepared for an attack to stop the oppression, they pretended they were dancing when the guards would appear. This lead to the capoeira’s weird movements. This martial art was definitely was a life changer because it saved many slaves and gave them hope to fight back. Things in Brazil got better with the Portuguese giving them a lot more sovereignty and this also led to Capoeira being banned. Soon Capoeira wasn’t needed at all, with slavery having ended in the modern era and other martial arts appearing (jiu jitsu). Capoeira has since become a national icon for Brazil and a symbol of pride for them.

Why is the Montreal Hockey team called “The Habs”?

The club is in the only French province of Canada, Quebec, in a time where the province was often despised by the others, the club owners decided to dedicate the club to the Quebecois people. Habs is an abbreviation for the french word “Habitants”, so The Habs basically translates into “Les Habitants“. It’s english equivalent would mean something like “those who live here“. The C.H in their jersey stands for “Club de Hockey Canadien”. The Canadians these days are a shadow of their former selves, they did win the first Stanley Cup before the NHL was actually formed… I say they’re a shadow of their selves because they have been eliminated in the first round of the play offs for the last 11 years consecutively.

Did you know that when the club was founded only french speaking players were allowed to play for the team. Later though with politically changes in the province and the country, players from all over the world were allowed into the team. This can be seen with large amount of Americans,  Belorussians and Russians.

Ten cool tricks to enhance your basketball skills

Having great number of coaches and trainers are not sufficient to become a good player of basketball. Mostly the skill has to come out of your inner core. It has to come out of your confidence. Of course, the coaching and training sessions are important part of the game and they will help you to improve your game a lot. The point is that the game has to come out of your soul. You should be the charging person in the game with the ball at your control.

Trick #1

Do not stick to your preferences or your style of the game. If you stick to a particular style, then your opponent will find it easy to exploit that preference. Consider that you have a preference of dribbling the ball by your left hand always, and then definitely your opponent will overplay that one to make you lose the ball. Your preferences will ruin your game.

Trick #2

Learn to “square up”. Squaring up is an aggressive offence which will make your opponent freeze. This gives you a lot of possible ways to move in either right or left or straight. Definitely, your opponent cannot predict your next possible action. This puts you in an upper hand and your opponent in a vulnerable position, which you can easily exploit.

Now let us discuss the ways to avoid an opponent trying to ‘square up” before you. First thing is, do not give him an easy ball. In his struggle to gather the ball, he will lose his chance for “squaring up”. Even if he gets the ball, immediately make him to move in a direction of his least preference

Trick #3

Passing the ball smoothly is an important trick to learn. The entire game depends on these passes. A simple pass is a smooth pass that always reaches its destination. . Nobody should be able to intercept it. The optimal distance of an effective pass is between 12 feet to 18 feet. Your opponent will easily intercept any long distance passes.

Trick #4

While dribbling, you are not supposed to look at the ball. It is not necessary. A feel of the ball is sufficient. With that feel, you can move around and see everything to make your best possible traits. If your face droops to the ball then you will miss your opponent’s moves.

Trick #5

Do not dribble for a long period. Immediately on seeing your teammate, pass him the ball. They are opening up the difficult lanes for the only purpose of obtaining the ball. If you are not regular in passing the ball towards your mates, then they will not put their effort to open before you. Make sure to dribble quickly with a minimum possible time.

Trick #6

Learn to spin and dribble. Whenever an opponent is blocking your way, the spin dribble will be a useful move for you. Make sure you master it thoroughly so that you will be able to execute it in a smooth and perfect manner. However, while spinning, you lose the sight of your opponent for a second and you should be ready for this. At that time, the other opponents who are seeing you spin, may try to corner you on the spot. Finally, there is a possibility of you losing your balance. Keeping all these negative points in mind, try to execute the spin and dribble for your advantage.

Trick #7

Changing your pace or rather, pretending to change your pace is a wonderful trick to deceive your mighty opponent. While you are hard running towards your target and you see your opponent is in the way to block you, then straighten up your head and torso which make you look like slowing down, will in turn make your opponent slow down and you can exploit that minute gap to execute your plan.

Trick #8

While shooting the ball towards the hoop you need to take care of many things. First, know your shooting range. If you are, too far away than necessary then you may miss the target, and if you try to go closer, you may lose the chance to shoot it. Therefore, it is a dilemma. Use your smartness to decide about it on the spot.

Trick #9

Some important Do’s

I. Always try for an easy pass
II. Try to do some fake passes before you find your lane partly opened for you.
III. Try to get a view of the entire floor while looking at the basket.
IV. To get a better passing angle, dribble the ball for a while

Trick #10

Some important Don’ts

I. Do not respond to the voice calls
II. Passing the ball to another player who is already in trouble is not advisable.
III. Do not under estimate your opponent and his plans.

All tricks we above mentioned are only a fraction of the knowledge required for the game. The game cannot be paper defined or cannot be taught from a single person. It needs commitment. It needs some zeal inside you to reach the target. All these things entirely depend on the practice you are going to have for the game. Perfection comes with practice.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch MMA If You Love The Sport

1.A mixed-martial art is a fair sport. In the realm of combat sport it is the most fair since fighters weighted evenly and matched up with an opponent with the same weight. Weight is not the only reason why it is considered fair; the rankings of the players are considered in each match-up. This is the very reason why it is called MMA pound for pound.

2.A mixed-martial art is a reality. Unlike entertainment wrestling where moves and rivalry is scripted, in MMA the fights are 100% real and nothing is scripted. In mixed-martial arts you will be able to see the different styles and how fighters utilize it.

3.Mixed-martial art is a very informative sport. Watching mixed-martial arts allows the viewer to see the different fighting styles and able to decide if they would want to take on combat sports. Another reason for its being informative is even though the viewers do not go to formal training they can still learn the sport by constantly watching MMA shows and practicing it safely at the convenience of their own homes.

4.Mixed-martial art is displays the different styles of fighting showing the weakness and the strengths of each discipline. This is a very good place to see the dominance of one discipline from the other. In cases where fighters are using the same kind of martial art it is up to the experience and tactics to create an opportunity to win the bout.

5.The most unique quality of the sport that it is unpredictable. Unlike most sports the mixed-martial art is a very unpredictable due to the nature of it being a combat sport. Even match-ups which are almost predictable turn to surprise every one with just a difference of one punch.

These things makes the world of MMA popular and enjoyable to watch by both MMA practitioners and ordinary people alike.

Interesting facts about Sumo

Do you know which professional sport has the shortest duration between the games – wherein a game comes to end, in most cases, in less than a minute or in a few seconds?

It is Sumo, a competitive sport, played mostly in Japan and the neighboring countries.

Sumo is a type of wrestling and the players participating in this Sumo game are called as wrestlers.

The game is played either indoor or outdoor. The two wrestlers take up the game of wrestling is a circular ring, which is called as dohyo. The game comes to an end when one of the wrestlers forces the other wrestler to touch the ground by any part of the body other than the feet.

Now, you can imagine why this Sumo is considered to be a professional game that might conclude within seconds of commencing. It is not a hard and fast rule that the game should conclude quickly. Some games, depending upon the capability of the wrestlers might take more time.

What is more interesting in this Sumo game?

Sumo is not just a competitive sport, where the trial of strength of the wrestler is tested in the dohyo or the circular ring. In Japan, the sport is associated with a specific ritual and has been in existence from a very long period. The wrestlers in Sumo are called as rikishis.

While the game actually takes very short period to conclude, the preparation for the game, the rituals associated with the game and the way of life advised for and practiced by the rikishi are the interesting things associated with this combat sport.

The rikishis or wrestlers should follow a very strict way of life as per the directions of the Sumo Association and any deviation in this way of life will invite disqualification. A sumo wrestler is not allowed to drive his own car, as per the stipulations. A sumo wrestler should grow long hair and also form a top knot. This is a must do thing. Even in public places they should wear the specific wardrobes prescribed for the game. Depending upon their wardrobe, their level of expertise will be known to the public who happen to see them. The sumo wrestler or rikishi is not allowed to take breakfast in the morning. One heavy meal is what he should take and always maintain overweight.

Interesting facts about Pesäpallo or Finnish baseball

The national sport of Finland is Pesäpallo. The game, which is broadly based on the baseball game played in the U.S, has the influence of some local games played in the country. The game was first introduced, developed, and refined by Lauri “Tahko” Pihkala between the period 1910 to 1920. The game has retained most of the rules framed in the beginning and is still popular not only in Finland, but also played in Germany, Sweden, Australia, Switzerland, and some parts of Canada.

The game’s popularity was such that it was included as an invitation game in the Summer Olympic Games held in Helsinki during the year 1952.

Though broadly based on the baseball game, it is the variation with the normal baseball game that makes it all the more interesting and popular.

In normal baseball, as most of you know, if a player hits the ball very hard such that it crosses the fly line on the back, it would definitely result in a home run for the batting team. But, in Pesäpallo, a ball hit across the fly line or the back line would be considered as a foul.

In this game, each team has 12 players – 9 playing in the field and 3 others as jokers. One team will take up batting while the other team does the defending.

In Pesäpallo, the ball hit by a batter should invariably bounce for the first time in the playing area for that strike to be considered normal and fair. This is a major variation as against the normal baseball.

Another interesting aspect of this game, Pesäpallo, is that of koppi. In this game, a batting player will not be declared out if the opponent catches the ball in the air. Instead, he will be declared out only when he is caught in the middle of the ground while attempting to take a run and could not complete the run.

Thus, you can visualize the game as a fast paced one where the time between the first pitch of the ball in the playing area and the throw by the defender to the base is what a batter should take to complete the run.

If a player completes one home run, the other players, who were declared out, can bat again.

Interesting facts about Rugby

One of the most challenging field games played as a complete team game and tests the stamina, skill and speed of the players is the game of Rugby.

The game is said to have originated in England in the beginning of the 19th century and is one of the popular games played in more than 100 countries across the world as of date.

The primary requirement, or the essential code of the rugby game, is that the player runs with the ball in hand to the opponent’s area. Some sort of confusion about the game arose in 1823, it seems, when William Webb Ellis allegedly picked up the ball in hand, while playing football, and ran with the ball in hand towards the goal post in the opponent area. Rules were framed and the International Rugby Board came into existence in 1885 to govern and oversee the rules of the game.

How the game is played?

This is an outdoor game played in a rectangular field of 100 m length and 70 metres width. At the end of the each side, goal posts of the letter “H” are placed.

Two teams, comprising of 15 players each, take up the field in the Rugby game. The ball used in the game is of an oval shape, and is infiltrated with air. The fifteen players are divided into 8 forward players and 7 defenders. The play starts with a toss of coin to decide which team will start the kick off. After deciding the team, the game starts with a drop kick. Then the forwards and the defenders try to pick up the ball and run towards the opposition area with the ball in hand. The forwards in the opponent time will try to block the running of the player.

Basically the forwards are typically strong in structure and use their muscular power to block the opponent running with the ball. In contrast, the defenders are short in size and typically have good athletic skills, such that while the forwards block the opponents, the defenders run towards the goal post of the opponent, dodging the block and running at a relatively faster pace than the forwards. Invariably, most points are typically scored by the defendants. This is the unique feature of the game.

Interesting facts about Tennis

One of the many popular sports played across many countries and also as a professional sport at an individual level is none other than Tennis or the Lawn Tennis.

Who can be not aware of Roger Federer, or Rafael Nadal of the recent times, or the famous Martina Navratilova, Boris Becker, John McEnroe, Andre Agassi or Ivan Lendl of the past – the great players in the game of Lawn Tennis?

If I were to say that the synonym for lawn tennis is Wimbledon, then it is not a flattery by any means. Yes, Wimbledon in England is the venue for the major Tennis tournament way back in 1877.

The game of tennis was first played in England in 1870 and subsequently propagated to other countries across the world. Now, almost all the countries have a presence in this interesting game that can be played either indoor or outdoor. The tennis court is typically a natural grass court, but other forms of court are also prepared such as the Hard Court and the clay courts.

The game is played with the help of rackets and a ball that is light and elastic in nature. The tennis court is typically of 78 feet in length and 28 feet in width, with a net at the centre of the court. The game is played by individuals or by a team of two players. The players occupy positions on either side of the net. The object of the game is to hit the ball by one player such that it crosses the net and falls in the opponent area such that it becomes difficult to the opponent to return back the ball into the playing area. For every miss, the player is awarded point. The points start as 0 or love, 15, 30, 40 and the game ends if a player gets more than the 40 point count.

A player who wins six games is awarded that set and usually one tennis match comprises of best of 3 games or best of 5 games as the case may be.

The Wimbledon tournament in England, the US Open, the Australian Open, and the French Open in the Rolland Garros are the premier tournaments in Tennis. A player winning titles in all the four tournaments in a single year is said to have won the Grand Slam.

Interesting facts about Rodeo – the national sport of Chile

The most famous and popular sport in the South American country of Chile is Rodeo, an interesting sports activity that has been officially declared as the national sport of the country in the year 1962.

The game played in this country, referred to as Chilean Rodeo, is quite different from the type of Rodeo played in other parts of the world, especially North America.

The basic idea of this type of Rodeo game is to pin down a calf, driving through in a proper manner around the arena, by a team of two members, each riding on a horse. The members of the team participating in the game are called as Huasos. Corral is nothing but the ground or the space for the game to take place.

The game usually takes place in a medialuna, something like a stadium for a football match, and the medialuna is crescent-shaped in size.

As per the rules of the game, it is the responsibility of the riders or huasos is to bring the cattle to the main track or ground, try to separate a single calf from the cattle displaying their unique skills, and pin down that single calf against massive cushions in the medialuna without the assistance of any other riders. The experienced and talented riders, who get maximum points and emerge successful in pinning down the cattle, will be crowned as champions and showered with awards and honors.

Points are granted for the proper riding of the horse and how the calf is pinned against the cushions. Any fault in the riding or improper handling would involve negative points.

Though the game has been recognized as a national sport only in 1962, this interesting game of skill, speed, and stamina had been played in the country since the 1860.

How this game came into existence is in itself an interesting story. The ruling king at that time in the country, perturbed by the frequent missing of cattle and calves in the country, wanted to encourage the growth and development of calves. He came out with this interesting game among the people to encourage cattle rearing.

This rodeo of Chile is still very popular among the people and mostly played in rural areas.

Interesting facts about Kabaddi – the national sport of Bangladesh

Kabaddi, or Kabadi, as it is also pronounced, is a team game quite popular in South Asia, and is also declared as the national game of Bangladesh in the year 1972. The game is widely played across Bangladesh and also very popular in India and other countries in the region.

While the origins of this interesting team sport are not clearly known, some attribute this sport to the ancient epic battle of Kurukshetra in Mahabharata, where Abhimanyu tried to use the techniques to break-free from the attack over him by a group of opponents.

The game is only very popular in the rural areas of Bangladesh and India, but also played across a number of countries in South Asia. Competitive games are held annually at the Asian level and India emerged as the world champion in this interesting sport.

What is Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is a team game. Two teams, comprising seven members in each team, compete in a field having dimensions of 12.5 meters x 10 meters. The field is divided into two equal halves and the members of the two teams occupy the two halves of the field. In this turn-based game, one player from a team is sent as a “raider” to the opponent’s field to win points by wrestling or tagging the players of the opponent team and then return back to the home holding the breath during the entire process of raiding and returning back to the home field.

The tagged or wrestled members of the opponent team during a raid by a player to the opponent’s area are considered out and need to sit out. If the opponent’s raider comes to raid and gets points, then the person sitting out will come back to play.

The game is decided on points played over a stipulated time of 20 minutes per session and a break of 5 minutes between the sessions.

Kabaddi is a competitive game which calls for the unique skills of holding breath during raids, penetration into the opponent’s field and also dodging skills to come back to the home field after successful raiding.