Where do you live – in a world or in the world?

The question, in the first instance, and the option to answer the same, seem ridiculous at first sight – Is it not? Actually, it is not the case here. The answer for the obvious question is both “in a world” and “in the world”. The two phrases mentioned herein above, differentiated by an article, convey two different meanings and should not be construed to mean the same. Though teaching grammar is not the prime idea of this piece, you would appreciate that the usage of appropriate articles at appropriate place will change the whole context meaning of the sentence or phrase. Let me explain this aspect in this context, in unambiguous terms.

It is of course true that most of us live in two worlds – a world of our own and the world in which we live. We share this world, the material world with our fellow citizens across the globe and reap the benefits of this beautiful world in which we are a part. The natural bounty bestowed by Mother Nature to mankind is for everyone to live and enjoy. Depending upon the economic capability and one’s ability to explore the world at large to his or her requirement, one lives in the world, which is vast in size and shape, having abundant opportunities.

This is the world we inherited and where we live physically.

There is another world – a world of our own – the one that shaped our perceptions about the things around us, about the nature itself and about all things around us. The world as we see it is not the actual world as it is – it is the perception of the world in our eyes as we visualize it and perceive it to be. Let me try to explain it by means of an example. A person living in a remote village in a landlocked country, who did not get an opportunity to see or hear about a ship like Titanic, might consider the small boat ferrying people in the lake or a small river in and around his place as the only mode of water transport.

Depending upon the external environment and the atmosphere under which we grow up, we develop some perceptions and notions about the world, and presume them to be only so across the world. Though living in a vast world, each one of us considers to be a master in his or her own world, and live happily in that small world – a world of our own.

It is again this world of ours that determines where we want to go and what we want to achieve in your life worthy of being spoken of even after we depart from this world. While living in our own world, one should be flexible enough to learn, accept and adapt to things that are otherwise considered alien up to now. Be inquisitive, enquire and filled with thirst to learn and explore new things with open mind, which will, ultimately pave for success in life.

I don’t suffer fools, and I like to see fools suffer

Okay, this title may seem a little malicious. The main idea is the true fact that there are many out there that actually get a rise at seeing other people suffer. We walk a fine line of knowing it is not a good thing to ridicule, to being the cause of others pain. But when they cause the pain for themselves we have a tendency to find it a way to feel better about ourselves because at least we think we don’t make those kinds of mistakes. And what is even funnier, is that when we do make those kinds of mistakes we find it is entirely a different situation then the suffering fool we made ourselves feel better over. This is a case I’ve seen time and again. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I finally realized it is a tool, a jagged tool we use to feel better about ourselves or to bond with others by pointing out others problems. We seem willing to do anything these days to feel acceptable even at the cost of someone’s suffering.

Having experienced this state myself, I found it to only go in a vicious circle. As we know, what goes around comes back around, as Justin Timberlake puts it. Some call it karma. What ever it is it always comes and bits you in the butt. Thankfully, I am a person who really wants to learn to be better. I took the time to figure this one out. It is also not so easy to break this habit. Especially when people around you want you to participate otherwise you are not in the holier then thou group, until the shoe is on the other foot, and those same people are putting you out. Have you ever thought it may be a test of courage on your behalf? If you pass you may move up a space or draw a special card?

This habit has unfortunately contributed to the loss of compassion and understanding we should have for our fellow mankind. We are eating the backs of people with this manner. Breaking down another’s spirit, so to speak and I don’t want to be in that line when that comes back around. Do you?

Yes, there are people out there that may make it easy for you to think this way. But this is a habit we have to change. Just because we take time to recognize another’s suffering doesn’t make us a fool. It makes us the wiser. It doesn’t take away from our lives. Even, just being patient on another is an act that will come back to you.

Take some time to really look over your self. I bet you will see you are not that better off. If you have the non-sense or even the time to be so careless towards another person, you must not be doing so great yourself. People of stature (e.g. as people of distinction and importance) are too busy doing things that are of importance. Now, I’m not trying to get on your back about this. I just hope we would think about what it is we are thinking when we see another person in an unfortunate predicament. Stop and take a moment and see what is going on in your head. Are you laughing and thinking what an idiot? Or, are you figuring on a way you might be able to help or at least point them in the right direction? Isn’t that how you want people to think when you are in the same position?

It Is Not The Men In My Life, It Is The Life In My Men

I finally got the idea and hope that by sharing it with you it will help you move on to building the life you deserve. I think most women have experienced a difficult relationship sometime or another and felt that it has held them back in life. Sometimes this is a continuous cycle for some women and it may lead us to blame our men, who we feel aren’t doing their part to make our lives wonderful. I used to ask myself why is it so hard to understand and deal with men.

I spent a good part of my life trying to create my ideal life with my man that I just could not get to materialize, then one day I looked up and realized my life was slipping away and all the things I wanted to do were not happening. Of course I wanted to push blame because if he would just get into my plan we could live that ideal life. And I found the more I pushed the more he pushed back. We were not getting anywhere. And for once I did the smart thing and stepped back. I did some figuring. I wasn’t going to withdrawal nor was I going to give up on the person I committed to. I had to go at this a whole other way. I needed to understand the life that was in my man. Well, one day I was just taking a walk and admiring a beautiful day and then it just hit me. Knowing a man’s upbringing is very vital to knowing the kind of man he is and guess what? We have to except this and what it has made him. Now, I now this isn’t always easy. Trust me I know first hand. But once I was able to do this and care for him and all that he was, I was able to put this issue aside.

It was not the man in my life. It was me. I was so busy trying to mold him, I ignored who he was. I was so busy scolding him I turned off my compassion for him. And we wonder why they run away. Okay, some even sneak away. Yea, it’s bad, you know what I mean.

I was overlooking the real challenge at hand. Instead of ignoring the life in my man, thinking I knew better, I should have been looking on how to unfold the layers that preserved the amazing man I new he was.

Life is hard in some way or another for everyone. But we have to take responsibility for our roles in each others lives. It is something we have to give to, not take from. I realized that I had to become the woman that the kind of man I wanted deserved. I stopped focusing on changing my man and started focusing on what I wanted to be. And there are challenges there, too. But if you really want it you will overcome the difficulties with patience and compassion. When my man realized I was busy with something else he started to wonder. Then the tables turned. I had his attention and he started to look at me in a whole other way.

There are painters

There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun

What do you see when you look at the sun?  Do you just see a glare in your eyes and put on some sunglasses and go about your business?  You run around all day trying to make ends meet and at the end of the day feel as if you will never make it.  You get up the next day and do it all over again.  Or, do you close your eyes and take a deep breath and allow the wholesome rays of the sun to warm your face?  And as you stand there peace of mind befalls you and the world lets you in on a secret.  You are inspired!

The great secrets of the world that have helped us advance in life have been brought through inspiration by people who were not afraid to reach beyond and pull it back into our reality.  Creating and developing their inspirations for the world to see.  Where would we be without these kinds of people?

Why is it some people are able to overlook or make simple something that is obviously so great?  Here is my theory:  I believe it has to do with the core of a person.  Interestingly enough not all people want to neither see nor bring to life something that seems so powerfully great.  It may overwhelm them and cause them fear unknown.  There are also people who suffer from soulful conditions that do not allow them to be able to share something great with others.  Since they are unable to open their minds to this greatness it is a skill that enables them to convince the weaker to stay at their level.

The reality that there are different kinds of people in this life that want different things and not all of them want to go beyond but, rather stay stationary where things feel safe and under control, but as the nature of the world shows us, everything works in cycles and is ever changing.  Things move, shift, and change without us.  We have to move with it or our made up worlds come tumbling down eventually.  This is a fact we cannot deny.
It is evident in our world today as our climate changes and our environment suffers because we want to continue living one way.

And thankfully to those who do not fear and know the answers lay in change, are the ones who look ahead and bring back the balance of our lives through inspiration.  They are not afraid to adventure and discover what lies ahead.  They are willing to make the mistakes in order to make the corrections that lead to solutions.  And what is most important is the fact they do all this without a thought or concern for themselves.  The gift of inspiration is award enough and to see others benefit from it is icing on the cake.  These people do not claim the outcome for themselves, they know the inspiration came from somewhere else but only was relayed to through them.  They are the ones that look at something that may seem simple and can see the potential of what it was meant to be for you from the world.  Something great!

How to Use Psychological Approach to Motivate the Mentally Handicap

Psychological disorders may arise from childhood where the kids may have come from very poor families or parents with serious conflicts. They can also be children who are afflicted with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which concerns over-restlessness and impulsive actions.

Others could arise from head injuries from serious accidents and some may have suffered from convulsions due to high fever when they were kids. These mental disorders could be carried forward to adulthood if not properly taken cared of. Manifestations of mental imbalance could be seen at the early stage of a child’s growth, or it could also be during the period of adolescence.

The most gruesome aspect of mental retardation is when a person becomes a victim of a cruel punishment or inhuman torture that severely damages his brain. This could be in the form of rape, physical abuse, mental torture, illegal detention, forced hunger and total isolation.

As a consequence, this may initially result in a debilitating shock status that could eventually lead to some degree of mental illness if not properly reformed and given attention. There are also cases wherein a person has too much ambition, yet, he could not achieve them for some reasons, and there are those who have exceeded their mental capacity to absorb what their brain could no longer comprehend.

Psychological approach is significant in motivating mentally handicap people to reach out achievements in the society where they belong as normal people. In determining what a person thinks and why he acts that way on a particular situation should not be done in a way of asking him directly because he may not be able to discuss the reasons precisely.

The best thing to do is to observe his actions and reactions to a given situation and analyze his dreams and fantasies on different angles to motivate him towards a normal outlook in life.

Explaining to the person about the realities of life and showing him some graphics or video films concerning the life of other persons just like him with the same case, but have risen from their nutshell to compete with normal persons and eventually won, are highly recommended by psychologists. We must show him graphical figures of fiction objects and characters wherein he could relate his dreams and fantasies to reality.

All actions and reactions about mental and behavioral patterns are brought about by past experiences. The field of psychodynamic theories theorizes that neurotic people can act in a way that is unknown to them either due to extreme happiness or over frustration.

Apart from psychotherapy being rendered by doctors, patients must be moderately introduced to normal life stream by way of interaction and participation in games. This way, they will not feel that they are being ignored, isolated and discriminated.

As kids, the mentally handicap must be given enough time to be cared for and be loved. The caregiver assigned to take care of the mentally handicap must show great care and patience necessary to motivate him to have a normal outlook in life in spite of obstacles.

Better a Witty Fool than a Foolish Wit

You must have your wits about you if you want to get ahead in this world. As we have moved from the Stone Age into the technology age, our way of survival has shifted. It can be survival of the wittiest rather than survival of the fittest. A lifestyle infused with technology has us using our minds faster and smarter then ever.

Unfortunately, when it comes to wit, we are not all endowed with the power to eloquently wit ourselves through life. But, as the title reads: Better a Witty Fool than a Foolish Wit.

The appeal of a witty person draws our attention. This person usually being calm and collected gives thought to everything that comes out of his or her mouth. Every word has a meaning, and every meaning entails the humorous side of things. They entertain and teach us their views and understanding on life, which is usually wide. Some of them are very wise and convincing. As it seems they know what they’re doing, they are naturally given the lead.

A natural wit is rare but there are many out there willing to play the role. At these times when things are moving fast playing a wit is as close at it gets. So be aware of those who pose as if they have wit. Only a fool would dare to attempt this. A fool and wit don’t mix. Fools miss the real connections to bring together the true nature of wit.

Compare a foolish wit to a download that doesn’t work. It fills up your files with useless stuff. A fool can only connect the things within the limit of his or her world. Some fools are clever but it doesn’t substitute for wit. It just allows them to cleverly create ideas that sound convincing but is not likely to be true. A foolish wit tries to get ahead on lies, only to be cut off and disconnected. Being a foolish wit will get you nowhere in this life today.

But there are two kinds of fools. Fools with bad intention and fools with good intention.

A witty fool is your safer bet. A witty fool knows his or her limit. They are able to keep on-line. A witty fool makes some of the connections but doesn’t use them to forge ahead. They know their limitations and leave to the true wit to lead the way.

Yes, having wit is a plus in society today. But not everyone is meant to be the wit of the party. If you want to be witty, you must make the connections. Take your time to learn about the things that interest you. Connect them to the things in life. When the connection is right, you’ll feel the surge. That’s when you know you’ve got something. Just as technology connects us today, it gets the job done. True wit infuses us with knowledge, but placed in the hands of a fool it cannot boot.

Man can be destroyed but not defeated. Man can be defeated but not destroyed

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rich man or a poor man. Life can put anyone through the ringer now and then. What is it that makes us able to withstand? Why are we so determined to go on? Man continues to try and make his mark in the world. Rising only to fall, falling and determined to get up again. Can a man be destroyed but not defeated? Can a man be defeated but not destroyed?

The cause of a man’s destruction is in his own hands. The free will given to man enables him to move about this world and choose his own path. The twist and turns of the life of this world can change man’s perception of himself, leading him only to self-destruct through means of his own choices. Win or loose the man is not really defeated. He is just broken down into the lowly and dependent creature of this world from which he comes. Is this his end, his defeat? No. Because, man was given a light from within that carries his life through this life and beyond. The real question is; is man the creature or the light? No matter, the depths of destruction in which a man may find himself, the light never goes out. Despite being broken down to what feels to be his destruction, the light allows him to rebuild, never being entirely defeated.

Defeat makes a strong man stronger or makes a weak man cry. The defeat of a man is not his destruction. It is a latter for him to climb. When the strong man becomes stronger he will raise above. When the weak man cries he turns inwards only to relieve his burdens and opens his eyes again. A man’s view of the world is only known through his knowledge. To face a challenge that may cause your defeat will only teach the knowledge of what the man was missing in the first place. Again, allowing him to build the strength and skill to overcome his challenges. Where is the defeat in that?

Man struggles to stay alive. He wants justice. Man wants to stand on his own two feet. He wants to climb up. Man wants it to be known. He wants it to be known that he has made it. The countless challenges that have caused his times of destruction and defeat, does not stop the man from trying again, trying to find a way back on top. What keeps him from giving up? It is the light that is an eternal guide to lead him where he belongs.

It is not man’s purpose to be destroyed or defeated. It is his purpose to rise to his rightful place above. Above what, you ask? Above the shell that inhibits the beautiful light that he is. Destruction or defeat meets the purpose of giving a man the means to clear his way and allow his light to guide. In conclusion, a man cannot be destroyed or defeated. For in a man resides something that is everlasting.

Beauty Sounds as Ugly, as Ugliness Sounds Beautiful

What is beauty, anyway? Are we talking about superficial beauty? The things people do to stay beautiful these days are insane. On the other hand, if you are not beautiful, people don’t give you the time of day. Wait, I just thought of something. Are the people that spend all their time and money on beauty, the same people that won’t give you the time of day? There we have it. We should just let the superficial people alone in their little bubbles. And the people who can’t get the time of day should buy a watch.

Let’s face it people. We have lost the true sense of beauty. The key word here is sense. Beauty is something we sense. We sense beauty through an object that gives us a heightened sense of awareness, that something great is in our presence. For example, take a rose. Most people think the red rose is beautiful. The deep red peddles, long stems, delicate leaves, and the contrasting thorns. But, what made us decide it is beautiful? It is merely the sense that the rose is something amazing. Aw! It’s beautiful.

So, now we know why everyone wants to be beautiful. People who are not so amazing want to look amazing. Funny thing though, in the end people usually figure out you’re not so amazing. Ugly people have the same problem. You know who you are. I know everyone keeps telling you it’s the inner beauty that counts. But that doesn’t make you amazing. It is not in beauty that we’ll find what makes us amazing. Yes, now I am going to tell you that we all have something amazing about us.

First, I want to tell you the nature of naturally beautiful people. Beauty is a gift to those who have a purpose. They have the natural ability to attract peoples’ attention, which should be used to benefit others. People look to them for leadership. Unfortunately, this is mistaken for self purpose and creates a monster. Few understand and are able to fight off those demons and are able to fulfill their true purpose. It is even more unfortunate for those who try to imitate a beautiful person. They are really lost.

Let’s get back to us all having something amazing to give. The amazing things that will have people take notice, and maybe even give you the time. Despite our outer appearance, as long as you keep it clean, we all have a purpose in life. Instead of trying to draw attention by the outer appearance that is unnatural to you, you will naturally draw attention when you are doing what you do best.

True beauty is not in someone beautiful, or hiding behind someone ugly. It is a person who respects themselves enough to know that they have something amazing to give to this world. It won’t matter what you look like on the outside. I mean you don’t have to be a super model. You do want to take good care of yourself, though. Good care for one’s self reflects self-respect, which is beautiful in itself.

Do not over do the beauty. And don’t use ugliness as an excuse. We all have something to give. Find out what it is for you and get to it. What is meant for you in this life will fall into place. It could be better than you expected.

Love As If You Would One Day Hate, And Hate As If You Would One Day Love

I believe most are clueless to the reality of love. Love is not a picture of happiness, most try to capture. Love has its parallels. To love someone is a blessing in hand and a challenge in another. Sometimes it is hard to love. And sometimes we are desperate to love. To take on the challenge of love is not about getting someone to love us. It is about whether we can continue to love through all that is good as well that is bad, in order to unveil a love so great.

There is a false notion that love is only the good things. Everything good is right, and everything right is good? This is not so the case. In real love there is no judgment over the good or bad. When you make a choice to commit and love someone, it entails all the good and all the bad. Despite the difficulties of this and the conclusion we sometimes come to. We must realize it is not about giving away our love to someone who may seem undeserving. The strength and dignity you acquire when you can overlook your own judgment and love someone through their pain will bring you more fulfillment than you can imagine. The true parallel in love is not the good side and bad side. It is the love of self and the love of another. By loving someone else we learn to love ourselves.

We are drawn to find this love in our companions. It is undeniable the love we have for our children. And what we will do for them. Then why are we finding ourselves unhappy and unsatisfied? The challenge to love will bring you to your knees. You will reach a point where you find what you hate in someone, when in actuality it is what you hate in yourself. And of course you will retreat in denial. Not many get past this point. It is very difficult to balance the parallels of love. Although, it seems so hard to face this inner hatred, we continue to move towards it in hopes to find love.

The challenge is the love itself, not the person you chose to give it to. Through this person you will face the things you really hate in yourself and in this world. Face these things with your hatred and conquer them as you hate them. It takes a great understanding and courage withstanding.

When we choose only to protect ourselves we can only live on one line. One line is weak alone. But, when we choose to extend ourselves through love we create a bond between ourselves and another. The parallel lines with a force held in place in between. And when we continue to extend that love to the people in our lives, we create a foundation united.

Love is a great thing to accomplish. And great things are accomplished through vision, preparation, motivation, struggle, determination, and a love so fierce that anything is possible. To love is to face the things you hate, to hate is the motivation to break down the things that stand in the way of a love so great.

You Have To Know How To Accept Rejection and Reject Acceptance

Rejection is like that aching tooth you know you have to get pulled but you dread the pain.  The aching tooth has no value to you.  It is the pain you are worried about.   As soon as it is all over you feel better and a new tooth is put in its place.  In time you forget you ever had the pain at all.  You have a new tooth and you are smiling again.

Rejection can be a problem if you are someone who ties it with your self worth.  If rejection means to you that you didn’t get what you wanted and that means you are unworthy, get over yourself.  It has nothing to do with your worth.  It just means it is not right for you.  Maybe it means that you are not ready and you need to work on something.  Rejection helps us weed out the old and bring in the new.  Don’t take it personal.

Rejection doesn’t have to be ugly either.  Have you seen those reality shows where someone who has to deal with rejection falls apart?  Boy it isn’t pretty.  We don’t have to fall apart or blame the other party.  This makes the rejection look like rejection.  Actually, it is the person, who feels rejected, way of pushing the rejection off them by making a show towards the rejecting party.  The rejected rejects the rejecting.  Creating a seen is also a bully tactic to get what they want.  Either way it is not pretty.

You can accept rejection with dignity then it turns into a learning experience.  Being able to accept rejection shows character, it shows you have some sense about you.  It leaves the door open for you.  It clears the path for what is right and good for you.

Don’t misunderstand rejection.  You also have the right to reject what is not right for you or something you are just not ready for.  If you are someone who will do anything to be accepted, you may be setting yourself up for big problems.

Acceptance belongs to you.  It is something you use to allow something in or out of your life.  You either accept or you don’t accept.  You don’t give others the power of what you accept.  Do you accept disrespect, belittlement, or abuse just to feel you belong?  If something doesn’t feel right, it is most likely not right.  Accepting something right feels right.  Only you can hold on to that.  Accepting something wrong feels wrong.  Only you can let go of that.

You can accept what is right for you.  You can accept responsibility for your decisions and follow through with right and just conduct.  No matter what the situation.  Accepting is something you do for yourself.  It was never meant to be used towards other people.  People are supposed to just let people be.  Be as in being.  Acceptance is used to choose between right or wrong, or what is good or bad.  The choice is yours. Rejection is your tool.  Acceptance is your power.  Don’t give them away.